Car Sushi and Other Adventures

Two weeks of tests and stress. Then the techno-softball games started up-thump, thump, a horde of girls cheering, thump, thump…you get the idea. Big Rapids is low on the opportunities for fun. I guess if we wanted to wander through parks filled with college kids or hit the local bar (s), but that is not us. So we hopped in the car and got out of town. Just being on the road to Mount Pleasant felt good.

Mostly blue skies, white clouds, and some green. When the leaves finally come in the drive will be gorgeous. Our plan, beyond getting out of town get some Taco Boy, the best cheap priced “mexican” food in the area, hit Target, and I wanted some sushi. When I said sushi our girl got on board. However, of late she has been all “I want to eat” orders food and then does not eat food. I don’t mind, well I do, but in comparison a burger at local restaurant that she doesn’t eat is nothing compared to sushi. So…and I am not proud to say this, decided the best way to solve my and the girl’s desire for sushi taken care of and save our wallet and our sanity was to hit Kroger.

Yep, Kroger sushi. Was it good, yes in the same way a burger from a fast food restaurant is when you need a burger but don’t want to go to a real burger place. Was it cheap, very. Better yet, we were able to eat the sushi in the car as we drove around enjoying the sun, sky, and clouds. Nothing more odd and satisfying then handing a piece of sushi to our girl in the back of the car or putting a piece in Barb’s mouth while she is driving or to hold up sushi to passing cars and watch the looks of confusion or irritation as we drive by.

As part of our adventure we went to two different game stores. Game stores up here are few and far between and unfortunately run by fan-boys and not business minded professionals. What is the difference you may be asking? A fan-boy has all of their favorite products well stocked, even stuff that does not sell, and everything else gets lip service. Worse than product selection is the slovenly mess. Fan-boy owners tend to pile stuff where ever they think looks good or behind counters or shelves. Problem becomes when the fan-boy owner fails to recognize that the clutter they thought they were hiding is now a giant mess plain for anyone to see. And then there is the smell. I have never understood why there are gamers who have poor hygiene, but they do exist and they have no problem hanging out in stores. The professional business owner, takes care to make sure the store is inviting to all, there is no clutter or mess, and that all products are stocked equally. I buy from both, but odds are, as they were today, the fan-boy will get none of my money as the mess bugs me. I ran a games department for years and always managed to keep things organized and well stocked.

We are back home, taking stock of our day so far. The blue skies are beckoning and it will not surprise me if we get outside for some more.



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