Dad Sense Fail

2309538-spider_sense_by_spideray_d4mzxm8Some days the dad sense is firing on all cylinders and other days, today for example I got nothing. Our boy woke up complaining of stomach issue. I took this to mean he needed to eat breakfast. He did not have a fever. He had not thrown up earlier nor reported any stomach issues during the night. Thus to me, this was a “eat breakfast, feel better, and go to school” issue.

He ate breakfast and seemed to be feeling better. Dropped him off at school and came home to work on some writing and an assignment before class.

Then the call from school.


The secretary was on the phone, so in order to convey how sick our boy was she held up three fingers and made the expulsion gesture. Vomit charades, who knew. He looked like shit. Damn, my dad sense failed me. Gathering him up we came home and I spent a few minutes sending out messages to the world that I would be home for the day and possibly a few more. One never knows with children and stomach ick.

The boy took a break from life by watching television, which seems to be a universal illness distractor. While he convalesced I wrote and pondered the last two weeks of class. At this moment, this week seems shot. That leaves one last week and honestly I want to be done with the whole thing. Just too much stress for the whole semester that came to a head last week. In other words I climaxed last week and now I want to take a nap. Alas, sick child.

When the boy was done with television I tried to keep him distracted with video games. Video games are a great time waster and distractor. Of late we have been playing Army of Two Devil’s Cartel, today we marathoned the game. There was a time when I could not play first person shooters with my son, or second person, or third. His onscreen movements were jerky and random to the point I would throw up. Seriously. Imagine my surprise, he is no longer jerky. He plays a good game. Cover is a foreign concept, but run-and-gun works great for him. Me, I like cover.

Something cool my boy demonstrated today was a sense of concern for others. He was to cook family meal all week. No I am not using him as child labor, he has something he wants and in exchange for cooking he earns the money to get what he wants. He asked me if it was okay that he did not cook today as he did not want to get anyone else sick. How cool is that? Bummer for him, because his meal for today was homemade mac-n-cheese with bacon, of all of his meals the easiest.

Hopefully, this a temporary stomach bug. You and I will find out tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Dad Sense Fail

  1. I have a rock star immune system. There was, however, one school year that I was sick Sick SICK. Often.

    It is the only excuse I have for being able to get past Level 4 on Mario Brothers. (The original.)

    Hope the kidlet is feeling better.

    1. Ankoku1331

      Kidlet felt much better the next day as kidlets are wont to do. So weird to be barfing up a boot and the next day, like nothing happened. On a side note, I have never gotten past level 4.

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