Girls Who Kick Butt

“You get a kicking!” our girl shouts out.

2afb98045cd4e8c404210579dcef44e0On screen her character, who appears to be a female mexican wrestler dressed in red flames, is kicking, literally kicking, the shit out of some male character. Mortal Kombat lost its luster recently. As our girl put it, all of the girls fight the same and are different colors. Being the cool dad I am I went and found a used copy of Dead or Alive 5. Why Dead or Alive? I remember playing Dead or Alive, which can be a forgiving game or a technical game depending on how much effort you put forth.

The kids are button mashers. Mortal Kombat does not forgive button mashing and even when you button mash not much interesting happens on the screen. Dead or Alive, button mashing results in all sorts of odd and fun looking actions, which elicit lots of oohs and ahhs from the kids and us. As a bonus, where female characters in Mortal Kombat have a similar look, there are way more female characters in Dead or Alive and she can put different outfits on them if she so desires. Yes, I am aware that most of the girls are dressed in less or T&A costumes, but my girl does not care. Girls who kick butt are her focus and if they aren’t wearing something she likes she picks something new. I’m waiting for her to discover the cat costumes.

What is better to me is that our girl can win and win with style. Mortal Kombat ramped up the difficulty a point where she could not win, with Dead or Alive as long as she is paying attention to the fight she wins. She likes winning and wining with a girl who kicks butt.



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