Four Chore Days

Four school days to go and I am done for the semester. There is a good chance that I will have all but one final done before finals week. I had to share that. It is not germane to today’s post, which unfortunately is not about what I was hoping to write about which was a Saturday filled with games and friends playing games. However, this post is not doom and gloom either, as of an hour from now, our children will have taken their first steps to making their own decisions and removing the yoke of parental approval from their lives.

Hell no, they have not emancipated themselves from us. They are beginning to understand that true power lay within themselves. I hope this is a lesson that sticks with them from now on. When other people can tell you yes or no or what to do you are not in control. You want to be in control. Well, if you are like me and my kids you want to be in control.

Prior to this week and some, our kids have asked if they could have this or that or offered to do chores to earn something and without fail they fall short. Admittedly we have, until recently, been very indulgent children. After finding toys destroyed I said no more, not on my dime. And I waited….

Didn’t take long, “We want Skylanders Trap Force.” Well, I don’t and said as much. They persisted. Then I sprung my plan. Time for them to earn money to get the toys. Protests of why. After I explained that if they had their own money they would no longer have to ask me if they could by a toy and I could not tell them no if they had the money, they were all for it. On the surface they were. Following day, a chore list is on the wall with amounts for each chore and a huge note, “Payment upon completion, which includes zero bitching or complaining.”

Here we are today, the children working together have earned the money for Skylanders Trap Force. They have even earned a little extra. What did they do?

This was the first week in a long time where I did not have to plan or cook or cleanup every single meal. The boy cooked (with parental observation and where necessary for safety reasons assistance) spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread and salad; BLTs with fries; tacos with beans, rice, and corn bread. Our girl took over after the boy got sick and cooked hamburgers with bacon. Together they will be making cold noodle with sauces. Both of them cleaned and assisted around the house. The only room they did not clean was their bedroom.

Having the ability to purchase what they wanted really impressed them. Already they are making plans for their next purchases. I get the feeling these are more individual than the group effort for Trap Force.




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