And The Show Goes On…

Inspiration CrewLast day of the semester and the show goes on. I was supposed to be at a poster presentation and I was, my poster was not. Where was my poster? Elsewhere. I spent an hour with the inspiration crew standing next to their posters. Then I corralled the kids, and we walked home. Not bad for my last day of the semester where prior to this I took an online final, submitted my last paper until next year, and worked on the only final remaining.

So what now? I don’t have any school to write about for three months. What I do have is free time, a solid month where the kids are still in school and Barb starts her first internship/rotation. I can invest time in writing for myself. Which has become a goal of mine; investing in time for me and others in the writing group to remember to write for themselves. I have some friends in town or nearby who want to do stuff over the summer. The first event, hopefully, being a trip to Cherry Capital Comic Con. I know we will be there. It would be awesome if others could join us.

I will have time to play games and write about games. Given the stack sitting around here a few rainy days would be nice-what else do you do with your free time? I’d like to write more about our Imperial Assault Campaign and the next Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Wrath of the Righteous and the numerous small games. Now we will have time to play them and I will have time to write.

Self-publishing has no excuse now. Without homework to distract me, I can focus on self-publishing as I said I would a month or two ago. Nice thing is I have a couple of manuscripts along that path. I’m looking forward to seeing what I produce. This semester has all about bringing the skills together to make something and now I want to start making pocket books.

I don’t know what this summer will hold, I have hope to spend time with new and old friends and to bring the two groups together. I have hope to spend a lot of time having fun and writing. I have hope to have a small pile of pocket books. I have a hope to relax, decompress, and get back to what I love write, cook, games, and live life.



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