Tax Office Sushi Rumble

Sushi GoI’m getting tired of the Tax Office card in Machi Koro. I imagine that there are several strategies for dealing with the card. Last night was not one of them. As per usual, once one player bought a tax office so did everyone else, but me. I was determined to buck the tide and the tide carried me out to sea. I watched as my carefully built money making machine provide the funding for other players turn after turn and there wasn’t much I could do about it other than purchase a tax office of my own. I did not and I lost, but I lost knowing that I funded the winner.

I have already announced next game there will be no tax office. I want to see if they can win without having to rely on someone else. You know, build their own city instead of having a neighbor city fund their progress. Tax Office aside, we did get to see the Sushi Shop in action. Only good early in the game, but when one player rolled the Sushi Shop three turns in a row it showed its power bringing 9 coins to the player with the shop.

Sushi Go continues to be our go to quick game. With a few moments to spare between studying for exams, Barb sat down with us to play Sushi Go. Three round games are quick, especially once everyone gets in the habit of picking a card and setting their hand to the left for the next player to pick up after cards are revealed. Another nice thing about Sushi Go is that the winner is never assured until all of the points have been counted. I had a horrible first round and ended up winning and our boy who rocketed out with a stellar first round ended up in second. He learned gloating only counts when you win…not really a lesson is it?

Rumble in the DungeonI saw a small game at Barnes and Noble, Rumble in the Dungeon from IELLO, and then I went home and ordered it from Amazon. I like saving money on my games, especially when games can be very expensive and hit or miss. Thankfully, Rumble in the Dungeon is not a miss. Inside the small box are twelve double-sided dungeon tiles, twelve heroes and monsters wit stands, a wooden treasure chest, a score card, and colored pieces to keep score. Rumble in the Dungeon is played in three rounds. The goal, have the last hero or monster in the dungeon or have a hero or monster escape the dungeon with the treasure.

How do you do that? After the dungeon is assembled-lay tiles in any pattern you desire as long as entrance and treasure room are farthest apart, place a hero or monster in each room until all have been placed-one per room. Then deal out two character tokens face down to each player. Each token has the image of a hero or monster, those are the ones you want to have standing last or escape with the treasure. Play is simple, on your turn you can move a hero or monster that is alone in a room to an adjacent room or if there is room with multiple characters pick a character and that character is removed from the game.

Very simple. Very quick. But surprisingly has some depth. Do you move and focus only on saving your characters? Do you bluff by moving other characters around? Since you only know which characters are yours can you figure out which characters belong to the other players and take them out. When there is only one character left or someone escapes the dungeon time to score. Last character standing or escapes scores 10 points. Then the order that characters were eliminated determines points on down. A player only scores points for their best character, thus if your characters were eliminated 7th and 3rd you score 7 points not 10.

Rumble in the Dungeon is fun, quick game, suitable for ages 7 on up, and great for those moments when you have about 20 to 30 minutes of free time.




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