Planning, Relaxing, and Guest Blogging

Having actual non-committed time is odd after 15 weeks of having my time taken up by someone or something else. Working at a job was easier on my life than school. School once it starts never really ends someone or something is always making a demand upon your time or you feel that way. What is odder is with a job when I go home, I am done for the day unless I choose to bring work home with me; school there is no off day unless you do like I did and bust your ass to make one and even then…probably an assignment due the next day. So here I am with one exam to go and non-committed time. I would say free time, but that gives the wrong impression-I have stuff to do-only now I get to chose the order.

That would be if I had a list, which is how I spent some of my day-making a list of what I want to accomplish with this free time. Number one, publish at least two pocket books. Number two, set out a plan for more books and marketing the books I do publish. Number three, read-I have a stack of books-no scratch that I have three bookshelves of books I want to read and I plan on reading several of them. Number four, cook and learn some new cooking skills. Number five, play games and relax with the family.

Obviously there is a lot more to each of those, but I feel if I hit the highlights of each of those not only will I have had a great summer I will have set myself up for post graduation success, something I aim to do. One more year, 32 more weeks of school and I am done. Time to put a plan or three in place.

Something else I am making plans for is meeting with the writing group, Island of Misfit Writers, that several of us founded. Already a couple members have taken advantage of having other writers to bounce ideas of off and get some inspiration/motivation from and started writing for themselves instead of school or work. Tomorrow will be our first meeting, here’s to many more.

Finally, I want to do some fun stuff on ALL of my blogs. I have two things in mind: guest blog (gers?) and a competition similar to Chopped, but not as brutal towards women-ever notice women get Chopped first more often than not on that show? I have not worked out the details of Chopped yet, but I would like readers to be the judges and to award prizes-I will keep everyone informed.

Guest Blog: Soon I will open Speaking Out on Life and Scrawlings of a Mad Man to other writers/bloggers (honestly they are the same to me, but people seem to think they are one or the other) who are willing to write a post around a theme or idea of my choosing. Both blogs are open because they have different audiences and support different kinds of writing. If you are interested before I post the first theme, let me know.


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