Double-Triple Prize Day

“Every time I have sex I will be thinking about how to write what I am doing.”

That or a paraphrased version of that sentence* was the nicest thing recently said about my erotica-murder-weird story Nail Clippers. And it all happened on accident. If Jetta had not been reading the latest installment of Nail Clippers, then she would not have been caught (sounds so naughty) by her roommates, who then would not have read the whole story, with some encouragement (for erotica it is tame and they should read more erotica), and then one of them (my favorite) would not have said what she said. So thank you Jetta for continuing to read and thank you currently nameless roommate for the very nice comment. I will do my best to write sex as good or better than you are having. That is my promise as a writer. Hey, that should go on my business cards.

If that wasn’t good enough and it was, Jetta told me I passed her 30 day trail period on Instagram and will keep me as a friend for a bit longer.

darth-vader copy 2 copyFor the triple combo, my last exam for the semester and it was a self-report/reflection on how I did in the class. Since I am trying to emulate the other students I threw one of them under the bus. Plus, because today in May the Fourth Be With You Day I used several Darth Vader-Sithism. I was brutally honest about how I should have taken control, crushed the weak, and did all of the work. Some of my best self-reflection if you ask me. 🙂

And then, if all of that were not enough, we went to lunch where as befitting a writing group we brainstormed the shit out of Nail Clippers. I have enough material for several more entries, some new characters, locations, and even plot points. Thank you writing group.

Today has been a good day and I didn’t even get to the part where I took care of my Facebook problem…they’ll figure it out on their own.

* That quote will also become my new favorite I Like This Thought over on Mad Man.


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