That’s A Lot Of Bold

Guest Blog Update: I am finalizing topics for people to choose from. I was going to have one theme, but I have learned that one theme does not necessarily translate for everyone who may be interested. Thus I am working on a list of topics for a wide variety of people to choose from.

As of this moment, I am done with the semester. Sat through my last final, which was the last batch of social network speeches. Not a bad final, especially since the last presentation was damn good and explained everything I had been wondering about that person.

Then Island of Misfit Writers had a “big” lunch. “Big” meaning all, but one member was there. Everyone got along. I was not worried about that, but you always wonder when two groups of people meet for the first time. This was also Nichole’s (AKA Jetta’s) last lunch with us until Fall. Her physical presence will be missed, but she is in close contact with all of us via the Facebook Group and will be back in the Fall.

What does our writing group talk about?

Nail Clippers: Who to add, details, plot, and funny stuff-such as PK had a waxing “incident” and how waxing could be incorporated.

Star Wars Shakespeare: The new book is out and is a pain to read in parts unlike the first three which were awesome, but this lead to using Star Wars Shakespeare to introduce Shakespeare to younger people, in this case children.

Drugs: Barb is done with her finals and she talked a lot about drugs and such. Very educational and informational.

Cam Girls: Specifically their motivations, the monetary nature of the industry, and the cam girl I watched who had a wheel of fortune set up.

Genitalia and Aliens: Paul showed us an anatomical image of man and female genitalia that made them look like two legged aliens and this explains why people find talking about sex uncomfortable as we are really talking about aliens living inside us.

Tushy and Potty: Those words were uttered.

Sushi: Discussion of plans to meet over good sushi.

Summer Plans: As most of us have a mostly free summer, we are talking about things to do, such as comic con.

Lastly, guest blogging as in some of them are going to guest blog and others want to guest blog, they just need the appropriate shove to start writing. Now I begin to enjoy my free time and put it to productive use.





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