Guest Blogging

I will move this to a page up at the top, but for today here is the first guest blog post…well not the first guest blog, that will be later in the week. This will be the information for those who want to write a guest blog post. Why guest blogging? I could give you some song and dance about forming a community and blah blah blah and bring us together and blah blah blah and legitimacy…I won’t. The truth is I am part of a writing group the Island of Misfit Writers and our goal is to get each of us writing for ourselves, in whatever way that is, again. Too much school. Too much writing for other people. Since I have several blogs I asked if they would like to write a blog. Much to my pleasure and surprise they said yes.

And here we are. I enjoy watching them work on a post, in some cases like it was an assignment for school and in others a new experience. Everyone seems to having a good time re-discovering writing for themselves and because I like to share fun I thought why not open up guest blogging to other people. And here we are.

The Rules

  1. There are topics to choose from (see below)
  2. Length is up to you.
  3. How you write about the topic is up to you.
  4. There is a deadline (see below).
  5. If you would like to be linked back to your blog (and why wouldn’t you), please include your blog’s address.
  6. Send submissions to subject line: Guest Blog and the Month.
  7. I will contact you when and where I post the blog. I do not guarantee I will post everything.

The Details

Deadline: May 31st

Topics to choose from: Food, Games, Life, and/or Sex: Best Experience, Memory, or Time you have had with Others involving one or more of those topics. You can get a detailed as you want, include recipes, etc.

That’s it, I thought I would start off easy and see what the response is like. Write about your best experience, memory, or time you have had with other people: A good dinner, a great night of games, a special or everyday moment from life, or well sex covers a lot more ground than just the act.

I hope to receive plenty of submissions (I do have four different blogs) and turn this into a once a month thing.





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