Guest Blog: Summer: The Season of Break-Ups

11263761_1045376522159086_406314623_nThis guest blog is brought to you by Ace of Spades, she is another member of the Island of Misfit Writers and has begun a journey across the country and into the wider world. Her cat (see photo) did his/her best to keep her from writing, but she persevered. I am hoping that she takes the opportunity before her to write several more guest posts about her travels and time in a new place. This post is about the time before she left.


It may be called the end of the semester, but really it’s the beginning of our next chapter when we decide who is coming along for the ride.

In this case, it’s not me. I will be spending my summer internship in the great city of Portland, Oregon single.

At least I had the support of my roommates. Let me tell you, it was a real bummer that three of my four roommates also saw their relationships dissolve (and not so subtly) when we were supposed to be focused on last minute brown-nosing our professors. From internships, to graduation, and moving back home – how are our relationships supposed to flourish? The worst part is all the cute romantic pictures we just started taking in this recent warm weather that will never see Instagram.

11263747_1045402758823129_1841809367_nMy advice is to keep your head up and not let your ex-significant other ruin your last week’s festivities. They weren’t the only ones with other obligations in the summer, and don’t let your final days with friends slip past when you have all summer by your lonely self to cry the pain away. I don’t care how much slack those idiot Buzzfeed writers get. They are right about a couple things; college so far has been the best years of my life and the people I have met along the way have made impacts that will last a lifetime. The bottom line during finals week comes down to two options for how to spend your time: studying or packing. Or if you’re not an idiot, you’ll be hanging out with your friends.

11245424_1045402665489805_388567058_nPlan three lunches in one day to fit in all the randos that somehow joined your crew. Pull together a giant slip & slide contraption, tie a hammock from your balcony to your neighbors without permission, and knock some beer bottoms off odd places with Frisbees to keep your friends emptying more. You’re moving out soon and it’s a great way to forget that you are choosing not to study and that your bae no longer loves you.

It’s a bittersweet feeling that the freedom I have now won’t last forever.

Only in college are we allowed to nap and cry at the drop of a hat. After we graduate it will be unprofessional and a cause to seek medical help. I am proud to say I’ve sampled all the couches around campus for the former of these options, and I can give some dang good advice on where you shouldn’t tear up.

11269645_1047611428602262_1366653014_nBut hey, it’s all about the stories you bring with you or how can you give advice? As a kid of semi-lame parents, I wouldn’t care that my dad won “Most Organized Packer” of his graduating class. I would rather laugh at the fact you got kicked out a liquor store because you forgot how easier freezer doors open will you were riding down the aisle on your longboard (which is good because it’s a story I can tell). It might make them feel better about their mistakes someday, and you want to raise children who are confident in themselves, right? Maybe I should focus on getting another boyfriend before I start giving parenting advice.

Let my solo cross-country road trip begin.


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