Bentoing, Star Wars Imperial Assault, and Twilight Imperium

BentoI think my long suffering rice cooker just died. No smoke. No explosion. Just a sad pop, crackle, and the lights went off. I hope it did not die because I have two cups of rice in it.  Then again if it did die the two cups of rice are well soaked…that really isn’t that big of a plus. I guess I should start shopping for rice cookers now. Given I have been making rice non-stop and today I made sushi rice and am working on two cups for dinner and bentos for tomorrow I am not surprised the rice cooker decided to die.

I spent most of yesterday in the kitchen and I am doing the same today. The reports from eaters is everything tasted great. Tamagoyaki being the big hit; so much of a hit I made two today. Least favorite, spinach cooked in garlic oil. The flavor was great, however due to me using the wrong sized pan the spinach turned into mush with flavor. Barb took the bento box to work and loved it. With some work in the kitchen each day lunch time will be fun, healthier, and good for all.


Last night two things happened in gaming here. The first and shortest was pulling Star Wars Imperial Assault out of the closet. Imperial Assault was not bad, just last semester kicked all of our butts and games that required a commitment of time were put away until now. The boy wanted to play a skirmish game and resume his Imperial lead campaign in two weeks when he is out of school. Here is a question, if rebel troopers are equivalent to storm troopers why are there none in the box (counters do not count-nice touch, but not the same as cool miniatures) and why is there only one squad?

IAI did not want to use Luke, Han, Chewbaca, or Leia (oh wait she’s not in the game). I wanted to use a bunch of troopers lead by Fenn. Alas, I only have one set of miniatures and I did not want to ruin the image by using counters. So I settled for Fenn, IG-88, a squad of troopers, and saboteurs. The boy went General Weiss and mooks-storm troopers.  Funny story for him, with most of his points invested in General Weiss I only had to avoid him, kill off the mooks-thank you Murder-Death-Kill machine IG-88, grab some spices, and run. Victory to me.

The second thing that happened, the arrival of Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition. Barb and I have been playing Twilight Imperium since first edition. We love the game. After spending a while punching out tokens and snipping ships off of sprues we set up our first game for play over the weekend. Barb and our girl love cats, the Hacon look like cats, Barb has a history of winning with the Hacon. Five rounds of rock, paper, scissors, and our girl happily set up her “killer cats.”

With C4 Comic Con this weekend and Twilight Imperium on the table, looking good for some fun.


3 thoughts on “Bentoing, Star Wars Imperial Assault, and Twilight Imperium

  1. Poor rice cooker 😣
    But it sounds like you had some good use out of it. I never had a rice cooker (I don’t count a micro thingie as such) but since I got mine I just can’t imagine to live /cook without it!

    1. Ankoku1331

      I am trying to coax the rice cooker to last a few weeks longer until I can get the rice cooker my Asian grocer recommends.

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