Galaxy Destroying Cat & The Creative Process

I was shocking udon noodles when I looked up and watched our carefully constructed galaxy shatter.


As I have mentioned over the past few posts we are working on playing Twilight Imperium.

Step 1: unpack, which for those thinking about purchasing Twilight Imperium (highly recommend) plan on spending some time punching out counters and removing ships from plastic sprues. Organization is another story.

Step 2: leave out where children can see. If children interact with game and ask question, proceed to Step 3. If not, question your purchase.

Step 3: explain that you need to read the rules, but until that is done and the family has more than a couple hours to play that the game can be set up. This is important because Twilight Imperium is visually impressive and having the game out keeps their minds on it.

Step 4: set up game, takes a little while the first couple of times.

Step 5: read the rules and wait for the weekend, fielding questions from children until then.

Step 6 and this is the VITAL step: Keep the FUCKING CAT from jumping onto the table.

Since I try to be a positive person, with people I know and in private, here is the take away from the cat destroying the galaxy:

  • I have udon noodles ready for dinner and bento tomorrow.
  • I have ham rolls ready for…well whatever…ham rolls by the way are very similar in composition and skill to making sushi rolls.
  • When the kids come home instead of playing video games or asking for food they will have a new galaxy to build and because I have finished the rules we can discuss them while we re-set the galaxy.

Galaxy destruction aside, today has been another day in the kitchen. When I am out of the kitchen for a while, say 32 weeks due to school, I forget how much I really enjoy cooking. Three days of cooking have got me feeling much better, less run down, and thinking in that sideways fashion I enjoy for creative reasons. School occupies too much mental space while in session-there is the learning and then there is the bookkeeping.

The bookkeeping is the problem, too much mental space is devoted to “what, when, and where.” What is due. When is it due. Where is it due. Roughly two weeks away from the end of the semester and I don’t remember any of that, I remember what I learned, but the bookkeeping, gone.

Unfortunately, that space which was formerly filled with creative thoughts, then filled with bookkeeping crap, needs time to refill with creative thoughts. That happens, for me, via reading (something I have time for now), writing (again, something I have time for), and totally unrelated activities where my mind is allowed to wander-for me these activities are cooking and playing video games.

While cooking I am already in a creative space, thus as I cook creativity flows in and because cooking is not an all consuming activity the creativity spins out into non-cooking areas. Video games are the same way for me. I have yet to find a video game that requires more than 10% of my attention. Video games are entertainment, but not mentally demanding in any fashion-far too much is handed to players and players are not required to think nearly as much as they should to make a game truly engaging. Thus while I am playing video games I am thinking about other things, in this case creative ideas.


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