A New Galaxy of Ideas

TW1Look upon our new galaxy. After admonishing the cat, we rebuilt the galaxy for Twilight Imperium and went over some rules. I know you did not see the original galaxy, so trust me when I say this one is better. Why? Well for one thing, there are planets close to the center and less of a dead zone of empty tiles than our last set up.

A funny thing happened while cooking last night and this morning-afternoon, inspiration struck on two fronts. I think I have an idea or plan of action regarding Monkey’s Made Me Do It, my portfolio site. Honestly, I do not need a portfolio site. I think visiting here or Scrawlings will give you a better idea of my style of writing and regularity of writing, along with topics; you know all of that jazz that is supposed to be in a portfolio. What about perfect samples?

While perfect samples are a nice idea and expected, nobody is perfect all of the time. I would rather someone see the mistakes and decide for themselves if my level of mistakedom is workable; for example my never ending war with the common, non-standard sentence structure, and my love of including at least one “mistake” in everything I do. Really, there is at least one “mistake” in everything that I do for school thus, I guess, work. Why? Because I like to see if people are paying attention. Most of the time the mistakes get through, but every now and then someone calls me out on a mistake and much to their surprise I am overjoyed. I know, that is pretty messed up, but let me tell you, the people who catch the intentional mistake and call me on it are people I know I can work with and who can work with me.

Oh yeah, the idea. A choose your own adventure blog. Starting with the first post there will be choices that lead to other posts. I was leaning towards a voting system, but now I am leaning towards writing a sample choose your own adventure with all of the choices present from the moment it goes live. Why rely on readers to vote, makes more sense to me to provide everything up front. Admittedly this is an “out there idea” and will require a lot of work on my end, but the idea sounds fun to me.

Another idea, a co-authored story. I did this before and it was a lot of fun. Each author or blogger or writer (all the same thing to me) is responsible for writing a part of the story. The first author sets the tone, the next author picks up where the first left off, and so on. Creating a continuous story, told in different voices. Like I said, I had fun the last time I did that.

Away from blogging, there has been an idea sneaking around in the back of my thoughts since school let out. I did not know if this was a story thought, a game thought, or a combination. In fact, each time I sat down to write something out, nothing happened. Last night I had a creative spurt and the idea now has a shape. Still not sure if this is a story, game, or combination thought, but at least I have a starting point.

If you have any input you would like to share about the choose your own adventure and/or co-authored story, please leave a comment.


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