Recycled Cherry Capital Comic Con And So Much More!

C44This will be a long post. If you happen to be to lazy to read, here is the gist: We had a Grand Adventure.

For those who will read this and marvel at my photography, carry on reading…

We paid for our trip to Cherry Capital Comic Con or C4 by returning bottles. No lie. We saved ALL of our returnables for the year of school. Over the past week I went to Meijers and cashed in the returnables. I was there so much that on day two people from the back of the store came out to see the man with the stack of cans taller than him. On day three, they were waving at me. On day four, they knew my name. On day five, we said goodbye as I was out of returnables…ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY DOLLARS worth of returnables.

Ever since our first C4 con, which was our first con ever, last year we have been going to local comic book and other conventions. In particular we were looking forward to C4 this year, because as someone once said, you never forget your first. C4 is held in Traverse City which is an hour and a half away from us. The distance meant we had to pick one day out of three to go. We know after going to the first day of last years Grand Rapids Comic Con that opening days are not for us. We had plans yesterday, see here and here. And the last day of cons are good days to get deals and actually talk with people. Alas our favorite artist Jon Alderink did not have a booth. This meant we would have to meet new artists.

c41Our trip was barf free. If you read the post about last year’s con, then you understand why this is worthy of noting. Another new thing, the shops in the hotel were open. We went mad in the brightly colored candy shop. I spent 5 dollars on a tin of mints with my name on it. I should be ashamed that I spent 5 dollars on the personalized tin, but first mint made me feel like a man…at least that is what I am telling myself.

Because we got there early, we got to witness the children’s costume contest. I wish I had been that creative or had that kind of support as a kid when I was a kid. Our kids thought it was cute, but neither of them wanted to get dressed up as anything “normal” like Star Wars or Pokemon. They have been on a Monty Python kick and dressing up as Spam Vikings or Representatives from the Ministry of Silly Walks has been cropping up a lot, along with a lot of silly walks and “I don’t like SPAM!”

Inside the convention hall, our girl grabs my arm and tear asses through the crowd looking for Japanese Stuffed Cats. You read that right and not a real stuffed cat, but cute stuffed cats from Japan (that didn’t sound any better did it?). This tear assing meant a lot of “I’m sorry” and “Excuse us” and “But I wanted to look at that” out of me. Finally, it dawned on her that a.) that vendor was not at this con and b.) that vendor was at the Grand Rapids con. And then sad, mopey girl, but at least I could look around.

Badger, Grimjack, Dynamo Joe? No? How about early Image Comics? Well for me it was a table full of nostalgia boner. If the lady selling the bundles had had more complete bundles I may have blown my wad and spent all of my money right there on comic books from my misspent youth. As it was I found a small bundle of Gen13 to satisfy my nostalgia boner. Wondering around we saw lots of independent artists and comic books. I mention this because last year Marvel and DC were everywhere, this year we had to look.

C43Eventually we found ourselves in front of this booth; That Bead Stuff ( Are you familiar with the small plastic beads that you put onto frames and then melt together? If you are, then these should impress the shit out of you. The woman in the photo builds frames and goes giant size with the beads. Yes, those are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. There was a rack of key rings and things you can hang on the wall and so much stuff made out of those beads. It was awe inspiring.

Alas, C4 came to a close for us when the local DJ began screaming and shouting as part of some bit. It was way too loud for the space and gave us headaches. Besides everyone had gotten something-My Little Pony T-shirt for Barb, Mario stuff for our boy, Frozen stuff for our girl, and a bunch of knick knacks for me and all of us. Tack on being hungry and we decided to call it a day…or so we thought.


You’re back, good. Hungry, we leave Traverse City, heading home because we know what is available and worse case scenario we come home and eat BENTO! We spy Arby’s. Arby’s should not be a big deal, but in Big Rapids the Arby’s is known for a complete and utter lack of service and a shabby interior. Thus, when we can we stop at other Arby’s to remind us that what happens in Big Rapids is most likely only in Big Rapids. We should have kept driving.

“We have contaminated water,” is not what you want to hear from the cashier.

Now, in fairness the manager explained to another family that the whole area was under some sort of water contamination thing and that they had their water checked this morning and it was fine, but just in case, you know how that is. No, I do not. Further, when I managed a Burger King, employees did not blurt out the words “we have contaminated water” like he was telling me he liked my shirt to anyone standing at the register.

C42Fine, we will go to the bookstore. And we did.

And that was our day…so far, the kids are watching Harry Potter.

That is our boy photobombing me. He photo bombed a lot of people, just walked right in front of cameras and set shots…ugh.


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