Guest Blog: The Lonely Life

Ace of Spades, sent me another blog post from Portland.


11311676_1051754171521321_1710856313_nWell, I made the cross country journey quite smoothly. The car didn’t break down and we never ran out of gas. We stayed in hotels and watched movies and listened to same CD’s for three days. Montana is a huge state, and South Dakota is flat and full of cows.

It was actually getting to Portland that was when I realized how monumental of a move this really was. After over 30 hours on the road, you start to forget there is an actual destination. You’re exhausted and no longer craving food, even though you haven’t eaten a real meal all day. It was a strange feeling when I realized the mountains and the water and the curving roads were about to end. I was on my way to unpack my stuff and move into a house I have never walked through to live with people I’ve never met. The “I hope they actually exist” Craigslist joke stopped being funny.

10407580_1048733181823420_9134356432506509661_nFortunately, I love the house and the location. I love my job and the cute décor of the office. However, my roommates are nice and funny, but they really have their lives together. I know that sounds like something we all want in our roommates, but I do not have my life together, which is why I was able to move to Portland for the summer. My organized, responsible living companions make it difficult for me to cope with my head case of a life and make it less fun to mock this life, since they can’t relate. As in, they cook full meals, do their laundry on a schedule, and go to work and then the gym everyday on a strict schedule. I am not really at that point yet. I still enjoy the rolling out of bed and grabbing the first clothes that almost match (even if I wore them in the prior days) and hope I don’t forget do to something important.

11355408_1051754554854616_934586799_nThey were even considerate enough to buy a toaster when I brought home bread from the grocery store. Learning about the missing appliance, I quickly decided I would be instead content to eat the bread straight from the bag. I guess people out here don’t do toast. The microwave doesn’t work that well either, because who eats microwavable food in Portland? Another habit it looks like I’ll need to break is the binge watching Netflix. Let me tell you, that’s also not a thing here. As you may have assumed, yes, we don’t have a single TV in the entire house. So maybe that’s just more binge watching Netflix for me since it is my only option.

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I have no friends (roommates don’t really count) and I have no idea where to start. It’s a lonely life. Just me and my toaster.

I really can’t complain though. It’s only the end of week one. The parks are beautiful. The shops are unique and full of wonderful items to blow my money. There is so much to do and I’m sure the guy outside the bookstore yesterday soliciting for Green Peace would love to be my friend if I actually signed up for the monthly donations.



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