Month In Review

Roughly a month ago the semester ended and I stated a few goals I had for the summer. Roughly a month later time for a review.

A goal of mine was to self-publish a pocket book a month. One month in I have one ready to publish, waiting on a cover. I have another in the editing phase and that one has a cover. I have a third being written and a fourth as notes in a mini-notebook.  I don’t think I will hit the physical goal of one a month, but given the files are ready-cover aside I am happy with progress.

Getting people I know to write and to guest blog has been very hit or miss. I feel it has been more of a miss. I know I cannot get people to write. I can offer suggestions on topics and little writing events for everyone to take part in. Unfortunately, I do not seem to have hit upon the right topics or timing. Summer is a bitch of a time to try and get people to do things; always a bad time for gaming groups and apparently writing groups as well. I’m going to keep plugging away. Hopefully I will hit upon some suggestions and topics that appeal to writers and the creative minded.

I wanted to get back to cooking. Boy has that taken off. I am in the kitchen cooking or making something at least five days a week. Today was pickled radishes, cucumber & cabbage salad, garlic shrimp, steak teriyaki, fried cauliflower, and a bad batch of broccoli. Bentoing has kept me busy, in a good way, and gotten the family to eat better. Nothing like a semester of college to totally fuck up a diet.

Losing weight. Much like a semester can fuck up a diet, a semester can add on the pounds. Thus a goal of mine over the summer, to lose weight. To wit, long walks, and a better diet have already lead to some poundage coming off. This has necessitated breaking out the belt as well, always a good sign, although who doesn’t love a good pants dropping in public? Don’t lie.

Do cookbooks count as reading? If so I have been reading up a storm. Sure there is reading involved, but I tend to think of books as reading and cookbooks as instructional. To the goal of reading, I have a stack of books and I have managed to read some. Not as much as I hoped. In my defense the books I started with are not as engrossing as the jackets lead me to believe…I mean the true story of Kim Jong Il or Un kidnapping South Korea’s greatest movie star and director husband sounds interesting. And it may well be interesting if someone with a flair pacing or mystery wrote the book, as it is this reads like instructions.

So one month into my summer break and I am doing better than I thought I was. Lets see if this keeps up a month from now.


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