Wrath of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

WrathThis was our adventuring group for the first (notice 1st) adventure in the latest Pathfinder Adventure Card Game installment, Wrath of the Righteous. We have played through Rise of the Runelords several times. Made our way into Skulls and Shackles. How hard could Wrath of the Righteous be?

At first nothing to speak of and then…the barbarian (our boy) draws Arboreal Ambush and all of us are facing off against tree demons. This would be the first of several encounters where the monster was immune to all of the attack cards I had in my hand. What is a sorceress (me) without spells? The answer is some sort of demon chow. The tree fiend ambush nuked my hand and the rogue’s hand (barb). Only Lini (our girl) and Amri (the barbarian) came out reasonably unscathed. Reasonably unscathed as defined by both of them had cards in their hands at the end of the encounter.

For those of you familiar with Pathfinder Adventure Card Game keep in mind the tree fiend ambush happened on one player’s turn and affected all of the rest of the players. As I had no hand when my turn started I had to skip my explore phase. The same thing happened with Barb. Skipping two…sorry three explore phases as our girl skipped hers too…really sets a game back. That was three turns where nothing other than drawing cards happened, not good in a game with a 30 turn limit.

The game got set back even further when a recurring (I fought and lost twice) Cambion demon killed off the sorceress. Yes, killed me off in the first adventure. It should not have gone that way, but once again I was caught with cards the demon was immune to and everyone was out of blessing or other helpful cards due to the tree fiend ambush.

While I have written about a game that went very sideways, even as we were getting our collective asses kicked, all of us were excited about the difficulty level. Rise of the Runelords became easy in the middle and very easy near the end of the game. Skulls and Shackles was all over the place in terms of difficulty, but usually on the doable side-as in no threat to character life. Wrath of the Righteous, after one adventure killed off one character, caused a second to retire, and a third to consider retirement in favor of religious vows and healing spells. That is a good game.

wrath 2Tomorrow the new group starts over, as the first group didn’t even come close to finishing the adventure. We will see how this group fares. I can tell you this, there is one additional healing spell and a whole lot of demon fighting muscle on the table now.

5 thoughts on “Wrath of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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  2. Sounds good! Rise of the Runelords was way too easy, I played with 1 extra location and +2 difficulty to all the monsters to make the game more challenging.

    I just started playing Wrath of the Righteous and deliberately picked character without any healing spells or capabilities.

    Sounds like I do not have to add any extra locations or difficulty to this one. Great. =)

    1. Ankoku1331

      The base scenarios are hard, adventure path 1 is more in line with previous games. Let me know how far you get without healing-we have three healers. 🙂

  3. Well, I have played 11 games of Wrath so far. I am playing with Crowe and Harsk (from the Ranger Class Deck).

    It has not been too hard, not too easy… But the Adventure Path 1 was much easier though. Hopefully the game does not get too easy as the characters level up and get the mythic powers.

    I failed once (in 11 games) when the blessing deck ran out in Traitor’s Lodge. I just did not have the magic weapons when I needed them, and then the extra location the Maze was just too much… too much to explore for my poor fellows.

    I have no healing abilities, but the loot Sacred Prism gives me one healing option. Crowe is always bit beaten up near the end of the scenarios, he has to discard weapons for extra damage, Harsk can just recycle them! And Crowe likes to bury couple of cards to boost his attacks, he has always just a couple of cards left, and Harsk has half of his deck.

    Crowe has 2 spells in his deck (but no Arcane or Divine skill! He will get Arcane later…) so I found a cure spell for him, to help a bit. He can cast it once per scenario and then reclaim it afterwards when we are missing one spell after the scenario is finished.

    Rise of the Runelords was just too easy with Kyra’s healing abilities, and I wanted to go this one without healers… Well, one Cure per scenario and I feel like cheating.
    Ok, he does not have a spellbook, Crowe just carries a Cure scroll with him. And he buys a new one, when the visit the town after the adventure… Maybe it is better this way, otherwise he just had to step back and let Harsk do the fighting when the going gets rough in the end. And he is a bloodrager, he can’t just sit back. It is tough to be a bloodrager u know…

    1. Ankoku1331

      I agree that Adventure Deck 1 is much easier than the adventure in the box. Adventure Deck 2 is an odd mix of easy and difficult. Overall we enjoy the variety of objectives and locations. Now that we are re-playing Rise of the Runelords the differences of Wrath shine through and got us to appreciate the increase in difficulty.

      Something that I have been reading is the difficulty of Wrath seems to increase with the number of characters. Sounds like you are having a good go of it with two and that one Cure scroll. 🙂

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