At Least Nobody Died

wrath 2Well nobody died. If you read late last night’s post then you are aware that we started playing Wrath of the Righteous. After the first adventure we had one character death and one character retire. Today we started with the new group and things went better…kind of.

Once again the Arboreal Blight (I called in Arboreal Ambush in the post) reared its ugly head, along with the stupid Tree Fiends. This time we handled them with ease. Only one tree fiend lived to tell the tale. We were the Mickey and Mallory of adventuring groups. Unfortunately, due to the luck of the draw a few of us found ourselves in encounters without weapons, spells, or useful cards. However, other players had blessing to burn which kept the action going.

Burning blessings is a double-edged game mechanic. Using a blessing to help another player is always a good thing. However, late in the game when blessings are needed for one extra explore or one more die to beat the villain, burning blessings is a bad thing. Our hope is that things will balance out, in other words if you have bad draw during the middle of the game at the end you will have a good draw. We hope and luck of the draw says, “screw you.” All four of us were running on empty when the last turn came. On the very last turn, the villain appeared. The boy and I were able to temporarily close our location. This meant that if the villain was defeated we won. Alas, our girl who drew the villain, was on her last gasp-had no cards for combat-worse all of us were staring at nothing as well. She survived the encounter, but the villain escaped. Gathering our loot, we prepared for another go-around.

Wrath of the Righteous is not Rise of the Runelords upgraded and is not Skulls and Shackles and more. Wrath is its own beast and the differences between the previous sets are immediately apparent for the better. The new basic blessing is NOT Blessing of the Gods; a card you cannot wait to get rid of in favor of cool blessings. Blessing of Ascension is a card that will remain in decks for a lot longer than Blessing of the Gods. There are many basic cards that are not only useful, but desirable. In previous games, when a basic cards was flipped over there was a collective groan. Now there is a “fight” for who will get the card.

The scaling difficulty cards-cards where the difficulty increases as the adventure progresses-ensure cards will be a challenge many adventures on, something that the previous sets lacked. Something else that stands out, is the amount of interaction between the players-a lot more than before. Almost time for us to dive back into the adventure, hopefully we will be successful this time. 🙂

2 thoughts on “At Least Nobody Died

    1. Ankoku1331

      The game is a blast. The miniatures are a separate purchase, useable for the card game and the role-playing game. The miniatures come with cards useable in the Adventure Card Game. The miniatures make for a cleaner playing surface and look cool, if that helps. If you have any questions ask away. 🙂

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