Wrath of the Kitchen Deities

After coffee and breakfast we returned to the gaming table for the last game of Wrath of the Righteous before the week starts. Surprisingly, we finished the second scenario on the first try, not that it looked like that at first or second glance. Once again the tree fiend and the arboreal blight reared their ugly heads again. This time the tree fiend left behind a cohort for Lini our resident druid and animal lover and the arboreal blight only affected one player. The biggest challenge of the second scenario was chasing down the villain. The henchmen did not allow a player to close a location, which meant to close out a location a player had to burn through all of the cards in the deck. Once we figured this out our new strategy came, find the villain, temporarily close as many locations as possible, and chase the villain around. Along the way, the rogue had to give up her favorite heavy crossbow and the caviler had to give up his flaming heavy pick. The price of winning.

Play time over we went to work cleaning up the house or in my case into the kitchen to prepare food for the week. Bentoing is a lot of fun and I am enjoying myself a lot. The fun only lasts while the kitchen cooperates and today the kitchen was in a mood. The stove claimed a piece of plastic ware. I routinely set bowls and such on the stove to make storage or cooking easier. I thought nothing of setting the tupperware bowl on the stove away from the burner. The stove thought different. I turned around to get some garlic off the cutting board, smelled burning plastic, turned around to find my plastic bowl melted, and tossed the garlic into the pan and finished up the dish.

Next up, the burner decided that low meant medium-high. Normally not an issue unless I am making tamagoyaki and I was. The first tamagoyaki finished up really fast and has a nice caramel color. Not a bad thing and I did learn that tamagoyaki can be a speed cooking event if one desired. I did not.

As the tamagoyaki speed cooked the garbage disposal decided it had enough. I found this out when I went to wash my hands and found a sink full of water from the dishwasher. To fix, turn on garbage disposal. Nope, not this time. Undaunted I made a second tamagoyaki with nori sheets between layers. Then, I quit.

Some days the kitchen deities are not in the mood. Today seems to be one of those days.


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