Guest Blog: Exploring Portland

Another one from Ace of Spades in Portland.

Previously: Summer Breakups and Lonely Life

11330887_1058729864157085_87102818_oI’m finally heading to some cool places! I can check off seeing the Pacific Ocean on a hike, Powell’s bookstore, and my first Timbers game. The Timbers game has effectively revived my love for watching soccer just in time for the Women’s World Cup thanks to Maximiliano Urruti, number 37 for the Portland Timbers. He also triggered my desire to stalk Clint Dempsey and Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil. Needless to say I spent some of my summer budget to subscribe to WatchESPN to keep up the games since I don’t have television.

11287264_1058727900823948_908776067_n (2)Going back to the Powell’s Bookstore experience, the building is essentially a four story bookstore that sells new and used books to thousands of visitors daily. So it’s pretty impressive and the birthplace for the blog inspiration today. We can start with a quick review on my friend front. Still zero, not counting roommates and the first name basis I have with some of the randoms playing soccer in the park. But, I did get my first honk on a run the other night AND a little attention at the bookstore.

It was terrible. First, he brought me a coffee, which I declined because I hate coffee. I still hung out though because he said I was pretty, duh. He just started rambling about how our generation is obsessed with phones and we have lost the real connection in relationships. Maybe because I was in a bookstore I was supposed to agree with this statement and crave the personal interaction, but being across country from my family and closest friends I am finding myself increasing grateful for the device. However, when I mentioned this, he was eager to inform me that now was the time in my life when I would soon discover that my friends aren’t important and I shouldn’t let them influence my life. It was about then when I started looking for escape routes. It wasn’t until he told me all about the incredible hold money had over every individual, tying them down and forcing them into lives nobody would want to lead that I knew I needed to get out. Then he started reading excerpts from his favorite book, which I could see was from the store and didn’t belong to him yet. I think he caught me dozing off and smiled as he asked me to tell him more about myself. My simple reply:

“Well, I’m a very straight forward person, and I came here to look at books so I’m going to get back to that.”

And with a brief nice to meet you, I got up leaving him and an untouched coffee behind. I found four books to buy and so far have had a wonderful time reading them! The lighter books I chose might have taught him a few things about how to handle the first ten minutes of conversation with someone new.

The book shopping though did spike my appetite. Being downtown Portland I figured getting some grub wouldn’t be too difficult. Wrong. What I was craving was a Dr. Pepper and fries. Too bad all Portland sells is coffee and sandwiches. After passing about 35 different coffee shops on the 4 block trip back to my parking garage, I stumbled upon a Subway. So I settled. I walked in and there was nobody except one employee sitting in a booth who jumped up at the sound of the bell ringing as the door closed. I should have expected the empty store since Subway isn’t known for their coffee and its way to mainstream.

He quickly rushed behind the counter and started washing his hands. I told him no rush and not to worry because all I wanted was a pop and a bag of chips. After the odd look he gave me, I told him to make it two bags of chips. I loved every second of eating this meal in front of him and refilling my pop before leaving. I know it isn’t technically a meal, but the emphasis on healthy eating and fresh food here is driving me nuts!!

I’ve tried making the transition, but I don’t know how long I will last. Honestly, days without my beloved preserved foods are awful, and my cravings for donuts, potato chips, and candy in general are on the brink of being unbearable. I’ve actually caught myself eating cough drops (Cool Berry Halls Breezers that I packed thankfully) simply for the flavor.

11273471_1058731547490250_1675055385_oSeriously, our fridge looks like the section in the grocery store that is full of different green salad types always being sprayed with water. I can only be that descriptive because I’ve honestly never gotten close enough to really know what was sold there.

I’ve heard before that once you start eating healthy, junk food turns into just that: junk. Yet, I don’t feel any better than before and oh my goodness do I just want Wendy’s or some chicken fingers from Burger King. Send help or bags of Cool Ranch Doritos, whichever is easiest!


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