Bentoing and Guest Blogging

Today was the last day of school for the summer for the kids. Unlike previous years, there were no tears only looking forward to the fun of summer. I think having plans for summer even as simple as going to the beach for a bento picnic changes how people, in this case our kids, perceive events. In this case, instead of tears and a lot of “Oh woe is me” talk, the first thing out of the kids mouths were “when can we play games” and “when are we taking a day trip?”

Bentoing 1In line with bento picnics I spent a good part of my day thinking sideways while bentoing. The photos are two of dishes I made. Okay, pickled radishes are more of a snack for me and garnish for everyone else. I like them. The bell pepper slices are cooked in sesame seed oil, soy, and toasted sesame seeds. At least that is how the recipe reads. The first batch tasted like bell pepper coated in sesame oil. You have to really like sesame oil to enjoy that. My solution this time was to add some sugar to work with the soy to create a faux teriyaki glaze. Much better in my opinion.

Not in photos is a cabbage, cucumber, and turnip salad-salt to soften the veg and lemon for flavor. I did not expect to like this salad and the numerous variations on it as much as I have. I make at least one batch a week, great for bentos and to snack on during the day. Also not in photo form is pulled pork, which currently waiting for a sauce. Hearts, hexagon, and diamond shaped nacho chips and taco meat. Not sure why I call it taco meat, I use the seasoned meat for several dishes. Something to sideways think upon. 🙂

Guest Blog

Bentoing 2My big sideways thought for the day was a change in guest blog topic. I will post this on the page for visitors. Instead of the various goofy ideas I and my children have. I would like guest blogs about the places where you live. Not your home per se, although if you want to tell the world about your home go for it. Based upon my stats readers are from all over the world and I bet most of those places are way more interesting than here. I also know that people enjoy reading about other places.

The details in a nutshell:

Topic: Tell me about where you live. The interesting and the mundane-whatever you find interesting about your side of the world.

Length: At least 450 words.

Photos: Please include a couple of photos about what you are writing about.

Due Date: 20th of June.

Miscellaneous: Send submissions to, subject line: My World. I will email you back with a date when I will post or asking for clarifications/edits or photos.

If you have any questions ask away.



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