Lost in the Wilderness with an Open Head Wound

“Don’t play with that.”

“Don’t touch that.”

“Stop messing with that.”

Any of that sound familiar to those of you with children or stupid friends?

How about this?

“Don’t touch that.” [CLANG/CRASH/BANG] Crying/Screaming/Combination of the two. Followed by blood.

If that sounds familiar then you have a rough idea of how our trip to the bookstore went. For those who don’t, on a quest for another book on cooking we went to Cadillac. On our way into town we noticed what we thought was a new game store. Which explains why we parked and walked away from the bookstore and head first into a large open mailbox inexplicably stuck to the outside of a building. Only the we of the story was our girl. She is no strangers to bumping her head into things, but in this case there was an open puncture wound that looked deeper than I was comfortable with. On the plus side it started bleeding quickly. On the minus side, it was a head wound, it bleed a lot, and our girl was not happy. I don’t blame her.

Thankfully, Barb has a rotation at the hospital and we were seen very quickly. The doctor took a look and proclaimed all should be well. Just an application of super glue and a piece of tape. They had doctor words for those things, but that is what happened; super glue to close the wound (super glue has a long and glorious history sealing wounds) and a piece of tape to keep the wound closed and our girl from picking at the super glue.

Bandaged and happy (amazing how kids bounce back and a bag of Fritos helped), we went to the bookstore. Alas! I found nothing. Barb did find a giant book of cookie recipes on sale. Done with the bookstore, time to head home. But we are hungry. A good idea, stop at some place on the way home. Hey, how about Krispy Chunky Chicken? Sure why not. How bad could it be?

Here is my open letter to the owners and management of Krispy Chunky Chicken:

To Whom It May Concern,

Your signage sucks. The road sign indicated that Krispy Chunky Chicken lay that way and less than a mile that way. I can say for certain that that way was a gas station and nothing else until we reached the town Tustin many miles away. While the scenery was gorgeous our stomachs were not full and neither were your coffers. Please fix the signage. I suggest a prominent sign outside of your establishment, making locating your restaurant easier on everyone.



Allow me to paint a picture, we started out forty miles from home. We got off the highway to eat after three miles of travel. We spent a half-hour on back roads enjoying the scenery before we bumped into the highway seven miles later. It normally takes us forty minutes give or take five minutes to get home. We spent a half-hour traveling seven miles and found no food.

We have arrived home, secured food, and Barb is currently flipping through her new cookie book making notes on which cookies to bake…shouldn’t they be bakies then? Sorry, cookies to make. 🙂


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