Guest Blog: Things Are Looking Up

Ace of Spades continues to live and learn in Portland…and injure her toe.


Season of Break-Ups

The Lonely Life

Exploring Portland


When I first started writing my little journal entry for the week, I was all I miss my friends and Michigan and blah, blah, blah. Then I realized no one wants to hear that, especially when all my friends still Skype, Snapchat, text, and call me constantly. What more could I really be asking from them? I’m the one that left!

11421584_1062119533818118_1542472811_nThis thinking helped me remember why I wanted to move away so badly. In hindsight moving across the country may have been a tad dramatic. The move was basically a wakeup call to myself to grow up and learn how to live outside of CollegeWorld. Let’s take a little peek at some of the faults I’m hoping to fix this summer.

  1. Basic Life Skills: One of my best friends, Hunter, turned 21 this past week and I didn’t send her a card because I’m terrified of the post office. The worst part is she completely understood when I confessed.
  2. Holding a Conversation: The extent of me carrying on a conversation with a complete stranger in the history of my existence has been my order in a restaurant. I have terrible anxiety issues with new people.
  3. Expanding Circles: I haven’t lived with anybody that has hobbies besides soccer AKA hobbies identical to my own.
  4. Learn How to Read a Map: Basically, I have absolutely zero sense of direction.

And really the rest could be summed into the fact I really am not sure what I have done by myself yet in life. This hit me pretty hard when I found myself single after 6 years and actually had to pump my own gas, which was approximately 3 weeks before I made the move. Back to the point, my (ex) boyfriend was on an amazing schedule of visiting at least once every two weeks when my tank was empty. Yes, I still paid.

11358828_1062119827151422_1209674374_nAnyhow I’ve already started to solve these issues. As little of a feat it is, I went to the mall by myself this past week AND a movie alone. It was a little terrible, but I’m proud that I managed. The mall did have an ice skating rink so bonus points. On a larger scale, I found my way back home from SE Portland without the help of my phone navigation. It only took an extra 12 minutes but I did it! I also discovered a store that ships packages for you, so no worries my girl Hunter didn’t go without. Last, but not least, I got invited to a group dinner Saturday night AND the Farmer’s Market Sunday!! Making friends! Go me!

I know I still have a long way to go, and next on the list is finding a workout buddy at the gym and continuing to attend pick up soccer games in local parks until I finally feel comfortable saying hi to strangers. Did you know it is possible to go an entire hour of playing soccer without saying a word and still winning? It may not be healthy but I did do it.

P.S. Want to see a cool picture of my toe after a tackle this morning at the soccer game?

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