Wrath of the New Party

Karsos won. At the end of the last game we sat back and took stock of our situation. Four runs at The Traitor’s Lodge and each time stumped by a lack of the Magic trait. We were to put it mildly, frustrated. Very frustrated. Challenge is one thing. A lack of something and an inability to acquire that something is another thing. After fuming we looked at our group.

Seelah, the Paladin from Wrath of the Righteous is a solid character-more suited to combat than magic and more suited to working with other characters than alone.

Alain, the Caviler from Wrath of the Righteous is also a solid character-suited to combat and works better alone or at least can work alone well.

Lini, the Druid from Skulls and Shackles, is weak for Wrath of the Righteous-not good at combat and early magic spells are weak against many of the banes. Additionally, the animals in Wrath are not as combat oriented as they were in Rise of the Runelords.

Merisiel, the Rogue from the Rogue Classdecks, is a middle of the road character for Wrath of the Righteous-good at combat and good at “other” skills, but works best alone.

No magic (due to bad luck with the cards and dice) and characters who did not work well together. There was plenty of cooperation, but it tended to be a resource drain way-play a blessing for support, a spell here, a weapon here, and no real way to recharge anyone’s decks. Some more discussion…Barb did not enjoy playing Merisiel-she is more of a team player than a loner. Our girl loved all of the animals she had in her deck with Lini, but was tired of not being able to fight without assistance. Our boy did not like Alain, not his style.

A few hours later and we have a new party:

Seelah, because other than her one item limit I like playing her. Good at combat, starts off with a spell and can gain more, and I have always wanted to play a Paladin in a role-playing game, but…let’s just say I lack the moral compass.

Adowyn, a hunter, because she came with a wolf. Actually, because she is good at ranged combat, the wolf is useful for a few situations, and has a couple of spells.

Kyra, a cleric, because a cleric is always useful and as we discovered Kyra from Wrath of the Righteous is good at assisting other characters and taking care of herself.

Darago, a wizard from the Wizard Class Deck, because our boy wanted to play him in the first place and was talked out of it. Should Darago last long enough, his “put undead cards in hand to banish later for 1d4” ability will come in handy. Right now a very able wizard.

There you have our new group and our second run at the first adventure path in Wrath of the Righteous. It’s been interesting, if it wasn’t we wouldn’t have bothered.



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