Wrath of the Forums

I spilled the entire container of bell peppers in sweet sesame sauce. I did manage to save enough to have a taste and I liked what I tasted. Which got me wondering how people who cook a lot are not huge. I cook everyday and I sample everything I eat. Given I make between 1 and 5 dishes or meals that is a lot of sampling.

Honestly, that was all I had for that thought.

Where was I going?

Ah, yes.

For the games that we play a lot, I do as much research and information gathering as I can. Such as finding FAQS and reading the forums. FAQS rely upon other people to ask the question I am looking for before I asked to get an answer. Usually, if I am asking the question someone else has before me. However, from time to time, such as new games like Wrath of the Righteous where we are not late to the party, but early adopters I have to go to the forums to find answers or ask my own questions.

Forums are a whacky place and totally dependent upon the managers for lack of a better word for civility and level of discourse. I have been on many where the level of discourse is at the poo flinging level or worse. Where I am more likely to find out what one person thinks another person should do with themselves or a relative, even when said suggestion is anatomically impossible. Thankfully, the Paizo forums for Pathfinder Adventure Card Game are extremely civil and people who step out of line quickly get with the program. Information is easy to find and if not answered by someone from Paizo, answered by someone in the know quickly. Even better, information is routinely collated into the evolving FAQS. Very handy and much appreciated by me.

One of the active discussions has been by gamers who have experienced what we have been going through with the base set adventures, which is that they seem overly difficult and random, almost capricious at times, with little reward for the amount of effort. We have, as I have detailed over the last few posts, experienced more defeat than success and we have started over with a new group. At the moment, we as a group have not minded the difficulty. Given our previous experience the increase in difficulty is welcome. However, the randomness is a bit much. As much as I do not read the cards before playing a game, there was a measure of planning available in previous sets. In Wrath not so much.

There are many cards that deal damage before characters can act, after characters have acted, deal damage upon defeat, and cause every character to encounter a monster or barrier. All of this quickly drains characters of cards, meaning less options, and so on. Further, the random nature has taught us not to do extra. In previous sets, if you could explore one more time, even though your character had less than optimal cards, you would because the odds of something good happening or a manageable encounter were high. Wrath has taught us that even when it is not our turn we can suffer enough damage that when our turn comes around we cannot do anything other than heal.

Still we are enjoying this. Tonight will be our new party’s first run at Karsos and The Traitor’s Lodge. Where this ties into the forum discussion is a segment feel the base box scenarios are badly designed. I do not feel they are badly designed. The base scenarios are not the best for beginning characters or new players, that is for sure. However, the base scenarios would be great middle to late in a campaign. Is this bad design, no. Pathfinder Adventure Card Game works and works well. Perhaps poor choice, especially if what I have been reading is true, which is the first adventure pack is substantially easier. Going from easy to hard is a progression that makes sense. Going from hard to easy, throws things off balance.

Hopefully, our new party handles The Traitor’s Lodge well and can move on. Otherwise we take our loot, regroup, and try again.



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