Righteously We Won!

wrath 3The Traitor’s Lodge is behind us. We found Karsos, chased him around, cornered him, and kicked his ass. And without any of the previous hassles. After flipping through the discarded location cards I can say that we got lucky, none of the Arboreal Blights or Demonic Hordes were in any location. Plus we had a strategy.

Luck aside, we hit upon a strategy that started to work last run through, because of the scenario’s rule allowing us to shuffle non-villain undead banes into open locations we took a chance and shuffled henchmen wights back after defeating them. The hope being that a location deck with two or more henchmen/villains would give us better odds to encounter a henchmen we could defeat, the wight who does not require magic to defeat, and close out locations quicker or find the villain quicker.

The strategy works. The first wight was shuffled into an open location. At that location the wight popped up, defeated, closed, and transferred to another location. An eidolon, another wight later, and we were staring a location without the villain and a location we knew for certain had the villain. Mop up the open location, make our plans, and take out the villain.

I should add, that while the strategy works, we were assisted by several magic items-Glaive +1 comes to mind. Magic items are necessary for The Traitor’s Lodge as Karsos and Ghalcor require the magic trait to defeat. Spells with the magic trait are great, but spells are too vulnerable to discard, damage, and bad rolls to recharge. Weapons with the magic trait stay in hand unless something bad happens-say stupid tree fiends. Items that give the magic trait, such as the exorcism kit or the loot sacred prism are invaluable to give the magic trait to those who do not have it. The silver raven figurine is another useful item, allowing one player to exchange one weapon, armor, or item with another player.

wrath 4All of that being said, one or two Arboreal Blights would have messed up our plans. Demonic Hordes is more of a flavor challenge-demons in a demonic land. To date we always beat Demonic Hordes without hassle. Arboreal Blight damages everyone coming and going regardless of the results of the check to defeat the tree monsters. That kind of monster derails plans and games. I do not know why there are three Arboreal Blights in the box, but there are and we were lucky not to see any of them.

Tonight, we make our first run at the final basic box scenario. It looks like a doozy, between the location that appears after the villain has been defeated and contains a new villain and the Abyssal Rift which is the first double sided location. If we read the card correctly flips over every turn with one side always being temporarily closed and the other always open.



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