Waffles and Wrath of the Righteous

WaffleThese are waffles. You knew that didn’t you? Did you know that those are the first waffles I have made? No, I did not take a picture from years and years ago. I made these today. I can safely add waffles to my cooking resume. 🙂 Why was I making waffles for the first time? Because I had an idea, two actually.

Idea One: I cannot take 100% credit for this idea, waffle sushi. Not a waffle or bits of waffle wrapped in a roll. Nigiri style, with a small piece of waffle on top of sushi rice with a smear of mascarpone cheese sweetened with sugar between. I have yet to make these.

Idea Two: This idea is more realistic and less likely to lead to outright refusals to eat, chicken and waffles for bentoing.

Idea Two is really why I decided to make waffles. Any mistakes would be used for Idea One. There were no mistakes. Based on the reaction of the children, my waffles taste good and Idea One had better be presented to them as a surprise, along the lines of I jump out of a closet and shove a piece of waffle sushi into their mouths.

Sweet Spicy ShrimpThis is a picture of sweet chili shrimp. No matter how I make this recipe-add more honey or add more sugar or add more of both the sweetness is an afterthought for the taste buds. I thought I would show this because this was my breakfast and I like the picture. 🙂

In non-food news, last night we finished the last scenario of the base set scenarios for Wrath of the Righteous. Vengeance at Sundered Crag looks like a difficult scenario between a second villain that only appears after a first villain is defeated. The second villain can escape if an Intelligence Check is failed. Add in the Abyssal Rift, a location that flips from closed to open each turn and we were expecting to lose.

We did not. We got lucky. Really lucky. There was no planning at all. How could you? The best we could do was use Adowyn’s cohort’s ability to look at the top card of a location deck to scout as best we could. However, scouting could only be done on Adowyn’s turn, leaving the rest of us to explore blindly. We did encounter Arboreal Blight which nuked everyone’s hand and had all of us wondering if we would win or even have characters at the end of the scenario-Seelah, the character I use, was down to two cards in my draw stack for the last three turns.

Our adventure ended when Adowyn had a hand of ally’s and blitzed through the location deck finding the first villain. At that time the Abyssal Rift was on the closed side. Even though Adowyn did not have a hand for combat, she made the check with some assistance from others with blessings and won. That brought forth the last location and the villain, whom we quickly ran down and took out. In this case, with some planning to time the attack on the second villain with the Abyssal Rift being closed. Now we move onto Adventure Deck 1. 🙂



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