Sesame Seed Surprise

Today’s post is like a bento box, full of colorful goodness. That is my way of letting you know that there will be a mix of topics. 🙂

Sesame Seed Disaster

I reached for the canister of sesame seeds and the top spun off spilling sesame seeds across everything I had cooling on the counter below. The biggest amount went into the sweet pepper with sesame seed dish. Which turned out to be a good thing, as the dish needed extra sesame seeds. I’m not convinced 2 tablespoons extra was necessary, but you roll with what you get. Every other dish received a smaller amount, this included prep for dishes I made later. For the rest of the cooking I was picking sesame seeds out of everything; sliced cucumber-pick out sesame seeds; broccoli for blanching-pick out sesame seeds. You get the idea. I even found them in a bag of chips.


BentoingI don’t bento on the weekend or I try not to. Unfortunately I found myself with a lot of veg that I needed to turn into something before it went bad or started to. Thus, I found myself bentoing today. A lot of bentoing. I just sat down after starting around noon. The sesame seed disaster did not help…well did in a weird way. Broccoli turned into blanched broccoli and broccoli with sesame seeds (intentional); sweet pepper with sesame seeds; cauliflower with curry; cauliflower with sesame seeds (again intentional); blanched cauliflower; cabbage and cucumber salad; cabbage and crab salad; honey carrots; and fried carrots.

I Shall Smite Thee With My Goblin Pegleg

With the start of the first Adventure, The Worldwound Incursion, we were able to put our promo cards into the box for play. We love the promo cards. Not enough to chase down the few we don’t have, but enough that we use as many as we can each time we play (pirate ship promo cards are the only ones left out). For those who are not Pathfinder Adventure Card Game subscribers I suggest you get onto Paizo and subscribe. You get a discount, you get your order early, and you get promo cards with each order. Plus, should something go wrong you get Paizo’s excellent customer service.

Goblin PeglegExpecting disaster we started the first scenario, The Fall of Kenabres, last night. After all of the trouble we had with the scenarios of the base set how could we not expect trouble? As commentary on the forums stated, this was a lot easier. Much easier. So much easier that we felt this should have been the first scenario played. Back to promos, during the game I flipped over Goblin Pegleg. I was without weapon and after reading the card I wanted the card-d8 + 2d10 + 3 means a minimum of 6 and that is if I roll all 1’s. How could resist? Sure, if I am successful I have to reroll and take the lower result, but odds are in my favor. And were they.

Never before has, “I succeeded on the low result” been said and uttered with such glee. Every time I conked a monster, I had to reroll and the reroll was always better, meaning I succeeded on the lower die roll. Awesome. So, into the maw of the Worldwound my Paladin strides, a goblin pegleg over her shoulder ready to bring righteousness to all who oppose her. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sesame Seed Surprise

  1. I’d find the sesame seed thing very funny if it hadn’t happened to me too many times; what is it about those things that they can’t stay in their container properly?


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