My Head Hurts

I have a sinus headache this big…I’ll let you hold out your hands.

My face hurts and to add to my pain due to the rain and crappy house it is humid, like I imagine humidity in the South when a writer talks about how humid a place is right before the vampires or murder step into the scene.

In an effort to forget about my sinus face pain, I watched Transformers Age of Extinction.

That made my head hurt in a different way, in addition to the sinus pain.

Thank you Michael Bay or whomever directed this bloated pile. I had to wait for the end of the movie to see the dinosaurs and who in the hell said, “We should have a creepy father daughter relationship, too much talking, and since we establish several times via the father’s perspective that she is underage, have several odd “up skirt” and “down shirt” shots of her to sex her up?”

Really too much talking.

Perhaps he should watch some old Godzilla and other men in rubber suit monster movies. The best are where the talking is kept to a minimum and the monsters do their thing. Let the transformers do their thing and save the odd sexualized camera angles for your statement piece on the objectification of women in movies and the lens flare.

Off to find some medicine.


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