Write That Down

“Write that down,” has become the new phrase around the house.

While playing Pathfinder Adventure Card Game we were talking about other versions or variations that we would like to see. I suggested that because of the card maker and card templates we could make our own cards. Like any idea that sounds good, the conversation quickly spiraled into “The Idea.”

As always, the first thing that happens with “The Idea” around here is everyone starts shouting out their ideas and suggestions. Time was that would have been fine with me, but now with the kids who tend to shout and move on without explanation, that is no longer acceptable.

“What about?”

“I have an idea.”

“We could do this or that.”

An barrage of ideas, mostly good, but I can only write so fast and some of the ideas needed clarification. One of my summer goals has been to get people I know to write more and now seemed like the perfect opportunity to get the family writing, even if the writing was pages of notes. At least they would be writing.

Because this idea revolved around a game, in this case our variation on Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, I got to do something else I have been wanting to do, which is put those game design skills to use. With the rules in place, my focus revolved around card design, card interaction, and scenario design. All things I have been trying to teach the boy whenever he breaks out his card game. This time though, “The Idea” had all of his attention.

After each barrage, my slogan became, “Write it down” or the variation “Did you write that down?”

By the end of today everyone has a notebook where they write their ideas down. Granted there are still bouts of “I have an idea.” At the end of each week or while we are sitting around the game table ideas will be shared and collated into the master notebook that I am keeping. The goal to slowly create our own Adventure Path for Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

I was expecting them to quit working on this project after a few days, but as of today they continue to express interest, including a long discussion on the difference between a Barrier and Monster card. From my perspective a monster is something you fight, most of the time with weapons or magic and occasionally another skill, but the end result is the monster is defeated or escapes. A Barrier is a challenge to overcome and where a monster is a direct challenge, a Barrier can offer rewards in exchange for challenge or cause monsters to be summoned. Further, monsters tend to be solo challenges whereas Barriers can affect the entire group.

Did I mention this project has gotten them to do research? Not that they are seeing it as research; they watch movies and read books. Very exciting to watch from my perspective. What is “The Idea?” We are going to try to create Harry Potter for Pathfinder Adventure Card Game-personal use only, although we are not opposed to Paizo buying our creations from us and making it themselves (I figure they can afford the licensing). 🙂




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