We Are Mythic!

We finished the last scenario in Adventure 1 The Worldwound Incursion, less than 10 minutes ago, and with 9 turns remaining. Before I get going, allow me to direct you to this Paizo blog about game design, specifically related to the difficulty around the base adventure in Wrath of the Righteous. I routinely wonder what game designers were thinking (cough cough Palladium Books and Robotech RPG Tactics) and never get an answer. I pondered the reasons behind the difficulty spike in the base box adventures and here is an answer. Well done Paizo.

Having played through the base box adventure and adventure path 1, I can say that adventure 1 is fun, challenging (we did have a character death), and shows the versatility of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. While some of the cards really got under our skin-looking at you Arboreal Blight-and some of card mechanics became annoying-looking at any of you “draw a random card” cards-what we played through has us looking forward to future adventure packs and sets.

At no point during adventure 1 did we feel frustrated.  We had to repeat a scenario or two along the way to victory, but when we lost, it was our fault or just bad luck-five 1’s on five dice is bad luck. Never once did we wonder why the designers were mad at us like we did during the base box adventure. Something else that changed by adding adventure 1 to the box, Arboreal Blight and Demonic Hordes (which used to be a favorite Magic the Gathering card) rarely appeared. The additional barriers made drawing multiple Arboreal Blights and Demonic Hordes a rare event.

Temptation of the Big DieFunniest moment and only charter death moment came from the promo card, Temptation of the Big Die. Roll two 20-sided dice. The highest result is applied to your check. The lowest is the number of card you lose. The hope roll big and small. Unfortunately, our cleric rolled HUGE twice. Yes, she defeated that bane and Yes, she died in the attempt. The temptation was too much.

Which leads me into Mythic Paths. At the end of The Worldwound Incursion each players chooses a Mythic Path for their character. Mythic Paths have two components. The first is a bonus to two attribute/skill checks based on the number of mythic charges on the mythic path card. Mythic charges are acquired from Blessing of Ascension. The second component is spend or distribute 5 mythic charges to do something…well mythic. From closing out a location without having to fulfill the condition to being able to look at all of the cards in any deck to reviving a dead character, mythic paths look like they have the potential to change the game.

The d20 to a check is not that big of a deal. The potential to roll low is still there. For my money, I would rather have a +X to a roll than roll a d20. Still the chance is interesting. We will see how this plays out when we start adventure 2-Sword of Valor later this week. We are taking a break for a few days to enjoy our righteous victory.


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