Creative Character Creation

While resting our collective gamer spirits from the multi-week saga that was Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Pack B and 1, we…well I, got creative.

I love our Pathfinder miniatures, but at this moment there are not figures for every character which means that Darago and Adowyn are using substitute figures. I know, use your imagination, but when the alchemist figure is the substitute for the necromancer something is off, maybe the figure’s smile. When the pimptastic inquisitor figure is substituting for the hunter there is something equally off, this time though the offness if the red pimptastic hat of the inquistor figure.

Our boy also tired of the smiling alchemist representing his dour necromancer built himself a Lego version. At our request he also built the rest of our merry band in Lego, but it was obvious his heart was not in it. The priest got shorted on her holy item, but gained about three bricks worth of height when he got bored looking for legs and used a dress part from a lego friends figure, which gave her a very weird shape around the waist.

Appearances and effort aside, another issue with Lego figures is that everyone plays with them. Not a one of us could stop from playing with them, which really added to the length of games. Having to stop a game to find a lost sword or helm or to ask someone to “Please put your figure down and take your turn,” got really tiring. 🙂

After watching the kids and Barb play with those small round beads that you melt together I had an idea. Why not see if I could make versions of our characters out of those things. I do not play with the beads as much as everyone else due to my fingers, they are thick and not suited to trying to manipulate the beads into place. Tweezers do not help as much as I hoped. I had to learn the differences between the shapes. Honestly, I never paid attention to peg placement, I used whatever template I wanted. To build these little figures peg placement was important.

Here is what I came up with. 🙂

Adowyn Kyra Darago SeelahIn the interest of full disclosure, Barb made Adowyn’s worf/dog. The first one I made looked like a balloon animal. The bases for all of the figures was my idea, but because I did not realize the differences in peg placement on the various templates, my first did not work. Our boy figured out the issue and now all of the figures have bases.

Now we can have figures for any character until all of the miniatures are released. 🙂



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