Sad Gamer Monkey-Free RPG Day & Robotech RPG Tactics

Today is Free RPG Day and we live in the middle of a gaming dead zone or so it feels. When we went to and typed in our zip code with a range of 100 miles, only 5 or 6 entries popped up. The nearest one is surrounded by construction, we know this because we tried to go there before and could not find parking, let alone navigate the construction. We actually felt bad for the store, it has to be hell on business to be surrounded by construction.

What is really sad to us is the store we went to last year is not having Free RPG Day this year because a package of free stuff cost the store $95. I cannot confirm this price as I am not a retailer, but if true, Free RPG Day is not a free as thought and I can understand why stores are hesitant to take part. I know from my years of retail that free stuff does not translate into sales. We purchase when we go, but that is us. I imagine a lot of people popping in to snag something free and taking off without so much as a thank you. Still sad day for the gamers here because we cannot take part, plus we were hoping for a copy of Ekkie for our Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. Ah well… 😦

In other sad gamer monkey news, Palladium Books continues their pattern of updates with no information about the missing or yet to be produced Robotech RPG Tactics product. For three weeks, Palladium Books releases an update to Kickstarters. The updates should be about the Kickstarter. These have been about changing the scale of the miniatures for future updates and an appeal to Kickstarter backers to purchase “exclusives” and new units.

Absolutely no news about Wave 2 or the yet to be produced second half of the Kickstarter that ended two years ago. What is really funny, if I wasn’t out the money, is that many of the backers are taking the topic of scale seriously; discussing the size of miniatures for expansions that do not exist instead of discussing where their product is.

I applaud Palladium Books for distracting many people from the real issue, which is where is the missing product. Bill Clinton could not have done better during his “I have not had sexual….” days. Seriously. 5,000 plus backers paid money in good faith and many of them, myself included, have not gotten half of their order and have no information on the status of the second half other than Palladium Books is “excited,” “working on it,” “maybe by (insert X year).” The discussion should not be about what size miniatures from expansions that only exist in the mind of the leadership of Palladium Books. The discussion should be about getting money back, getting information, and yes, lawsuits. Two game Kickstarters have been successfully sued in court, thus there is a precedent for going to court to get money back.

Yet, the gamers and backers talk only about the size of miniatures for miniatures that don’t exist. Well done Palladium Books. Well done.

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