Righteous Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Fathers who are reading this. Enjoy your day.

My Father’s Day ended early and started late. Yes, you read that right. Up till four in the morning playing Skyrim with Barb and up around 10am to play some Defiance while Barb and the kids did whatever it is that they are doing for me. Whatever it is, from what I can gather is cook dinner and make desert. Hopefully that also includes dishes and kitchen clean up. If not I am happy with the few hours of peace and quite I have gotten and food. I do like food. 🙂

164216_715636_8Prior to Skyrim and this morning, we have been working our way through Adventure Pack 2 Sword of Valor from Wrath of the Righteous. If Into the Worldwound, the B Adventure Path, was too rough, too tough, and to arbitrary at times. The Worldwound Incursion, Adventure Path 1, felt about right and like it should have been the B set. Sword of Valor, Adventure Path 2, feels just right.

We have played the first two scenarios, won both, but not easily and not without a bit of “Oh crap, what if the next card is that one” moments. The Gibbering Swarm, the first scenario, is annoying at first. All of the monsters, not henchmen, are on the tops of location decks. Thus, you know what you are getting at first, but since each encounter is a monster you know what you are getting and as happened to our boy playing Darago the necromancer, one Carrion Golem can really throw off a start. After the monsters, barriers. Lots of barriers. Every location has at least one and in one case 3 barriers. With all of the cards added to the barrier pile Arboreal Blight and Demonic Horde are seen less and less, but with all of the barriers in play…lets just say we cringed each time a card was flipped over.

Thankfully, there are ways to shuffle the location decks, which can put monsters elsewhere and bring the henchmen up. Unfortunately for weapon users, Seelah and Adowyn in our group, the henchmen cause weapons used against them to be banished. Yes, banished. Lucky for our group the casters caught all but one and the one I caught ate my scyth, a loss, but not the same as Goblin Pegleg or Radiance.

PZO6020-MythicArchmageWe got to use our Mythic Paths during Gibbering Swarm. Not as “earthshaking” as we had hoped, but subtle. Adding a mythic charge only happened when a Blessing of Ascension was played. But do you play that Blessing for the mythic charge, take an extra explore, or save for that extra die…decisions. Most of us chose mythic charges. Each one added one to two different attribute checks. Nobody used a mythic charge for a d20, there was no need. And nobody was able to have five mythic charges to activate the mythic power.

The Fifth Crusade, the second scenario, saw the troop card (a new card type) Knights of Kenabres put into play. The Knights of Kenabres adds 1d6 to any check against a Barrier that involves a check that the Knights have a medal in. The Knights can have one medal in each attribute, but you only get to choose one medal per successful scenario. We chose Strength for our first medal and it only came into play one time.

Darago and Kyra carried the day. Our boy finally got to put his necromancer to use as there were a lot of undead in this scenario, from the henchmen to “lucky” monster draws. The henchmen are a bit of a pain; the Undead Company are encountered by everyone and have two levels of checks and six checks: 2 combat, divine, fortitude, stealth, and melee. That sounds good, except that nobody can take the same check twice, except for combat. This meant each time an Undead Company was revealed all of us had to organize who took which check. For our four player group not that difficult, for a six player group I can see some problems.

Tonight we start the Siege of Drezen, an interesting scenario as there is only one location…

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