Wrath of the Portabella

I tried and I failed. The damn Portabella won and so did the Siege of Drezen. Are the two related? Only by today.

Our girl has been on a new food kick. She tried stuffed mushrooms, several bento vegetable dishes, and while at the grocery store picked out portabellas for her latest try. I have cooked portabellas once before and I did not think that they tasted anything like a burger or were burger like other than being on a bun. However, that was many years ago and I know how to cook now, especially compared to then. Which is how we ended up with portabellas.

Since the last time I cooked portabellas not a lot has happened in the portabella cooking world. A lengthy search and I found a recipe that sounded good. Mix ingredients-mostly balsamic vinegar and herbs, marinate for 15 minutes, and cook for 8 minutes on a side. How hard could it be? Not hard at all. Unfortunately, it tastes like eating a giant mushroom with burned stuff on it. Just ugh!

Thankfully, I cooked one of the three. After some pondering, the remaining portabellas are marinating for a while longer to see if the flavor can penetrate deeper. Meanwhile, I am working on sides.

Prior to the Portabella Disaster, we tried the third scenario of adventure pack 2, The Siege of Drezen. Three quarter party kill. Yes, you read that right, three out of the four of us died. Worldwound Cadres is tough and rough. Similar to the Undead Company, a barrier with two levels of difficulty, six different checks, and a requirement that each player choose a different check. The difference between Worldwound Cadre and Undead Company is in the word undead. Undead gave the necromancer and cleric a leg up. The Cadre is not undead, not a demon, and is a pain in the ass.

The combat checks while high, 18, are doable. The 12 ranged is also doable. However, the knowledge, diplomacy, and stealth at 12 look doable, unless your group is light or non-existent in those areas. The Paladin could do the combat or diplomacy. The hunter ranged all the way. The necromancer, combat or knowledge. The cleric…..

Due to bad draw, bad die rolls, and in general lousy luck the cleric found herself without the necessary cards to easily complete any of the checks. This meant that other players had to use cards to boost her die rolls. Resource management became a very important skill during this scenario. And we did not do a good job.

Two cards left in the stack, after failing to defeat a Worldwound Cadre. The two cards, Worldwound Cadre and the barrier Death of Righteousness. The barrier affects all players. Succeed at a Wisdom 12 or Knowledge 10 check or lose cards from the top of your deck equal to your hand size. Had this happened early on, we would have been able to bounce back. This happened with five turns left to go, with two players down to their last cards waiting for Cures to be played, and when all was said and done-Paladin dead; Hunter dead; Cleric dead.

We will pick up the pieces and decide what to do later.


3 thoughts on “Wrath of the Portabella

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  2. I prefer baby bellas. The big ones… They can be tough. A trick though: Just as you beat/stab meat to tenderize it, the same can be done with large portabella slices. It helps the flavoring/marinade grab hold.


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