Righteous Planning and Teamwork

There is something to be said for overcoming a challenge, especially a challenge that whoops your behind…repeatedly. Perhaps we should have quit, other people would have, but I don’t believe in quitting…well I do, but you have to really piss me off online for me to quit. 🙂

The Siege of Drezen is over. We won. We lost again and then we won. After the three-quarter party kill disaster, we talked about it and in the end we started the scenario over. Sure we could have taken our decks apart and started all over from the Base Scenario, but honestly with all but one member of the party dead it was more like a bad loss than when one character dies. One character dies, there is no need to penalize the whole group by starting over. Three-quarters of the group dies, two choices.

A.) Those three start over with new characters and catch up

B.) Chalk it up as a loss and play the scenario over

I’m sure there are a few other options, but Option B worked best for us. We started over and promptly got our asses kicked by a Worldwound Cadre. Again. The Siege of Drezen is not a hard scenario. The locations are very group friendly starting with a location that gives your characters mythic charges, followed by a location that gives characters a bonus verses demon cards, and ending with a location filled with loot.

The problem for us, pure and simple, was the Worldwound Cadre and our mix of characters. Six check opportunities, five different types of checks, and our group can do three of them reliably. Paladin has combat down and can do diplomacy if necessary. Necromaner has combat down when he has a spell and can always do the knowledge check. The hunger has ranged down with or without a weapon (she kept acquiring a lot of mythic charges). The cleric? Our cleric is a healer and buffer, thus combat checks with weapon and spell, very hard. Diplomacy and Knowledge are the best options, but require an expenditure of blessings and other cards to give her a chance.

So how did we win? A bit of luck and a lot of husbanding resources. Everyone held onto one blessing until a Worldwound Cadre was encountered. The blessings were spent and a when a new one cropped up, held onto until necessary. That way the cleric could be buffed up or anyone who needed the assistance. In the end the strategy worked, the cleric was able to overcome the checks of the Worldwound Cadre. This allowed us to take on the final location and boss, where the cleric demonstrated her power by providing buffs for the three of us taking on the boss. We won and after four losses, including a three-quarter party kill, we celebrated loudly.


In non-gaming news, a level stove is a dream of mine. This is not our place and the University frowns upon students (read, us) fixing things. Even something as small as leveling the stove. Why do I want a level stove, because I am tired of everything in a pan gathering on one side. Ugh.


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