Summertime Mental Break

Lots of little ideas, but nothing big enough to put any effort into. That describes my current state of writing. The stories over on Scrawlings stalled out. My solution has been to print out the stories and read them to see where the story (ies) went off the rails. Let’s leave it at, there are a lot of rails.

At this point many writers would be moaning about writers block and blah blah blah. Not me. Shit, in a small way I am glad that I am not obsessing about writing or maybe more to the point, my brain has taken a break from feeding me non-stop writing stuff. It also helps that this has happened every year since I started this college experience. While school is in session I have to write and I have to write non-stop. Thus my brain gets on track and stays on track.

This is great, except that I write way too much stuff that I could care less about. After four-years I can count the number of college assignments I care (d) about on both hands and I have a few fingers left to wiggle. Give me my grade and move on. I don’t care about my grade. I don’t. As long as the grade matches or exceeds the grade I have in my head I don’t care. Thus, I don’t really care about the papers. What I do care about is that each year I come dangerously close to burning out on writing.

Thus, this break where the biggest writing related thought I have had for the past few weeks has been…wait…let me check my notes…ah here we go-goblins or bandits. Yep, that’s it. Should I use goblins or bandits for another foray into role-playing with the family? I’m leaning towards option C, pick another monster because goblins as adversaries are tired and bandits make me think of the wild west and bad robin hoodesque films. See off the rails, where I was going is, this break from writing is good for me. Recharges the batteries for what is my last year of school.

I have been reading, although my taste in books has been rather poor. I tried reading about Louis and Clark. In my defense I think picking up that book was a form of school extension. I thought they would be interesting and if the author had written about them they may have been, but when I left off the author was writing about Jefferson or someone who did not travel with them. Shrug.

Off the rail again, sorry. So here I am writing my daily blog, because writing a daily blog has never felt like work. Outside of this blog, though, I have three notebooks with barely a page filled between them. The Harry Potter Pathfinder Adventure Card Game variant being the exception, but that is mostly notes on cards to make, which is not the same as writing a story, writing an adventure, or writing a game system. And honestly, I don’t mind.

With my brain taking a break from the written word or writing down words I have had time to play games as a form of fun and relaxation, imagine that. If you are a regular reader you have read about our games of Wrath of the Righteous, so you know what I have been doing with my time.

Soon enough the words will appear and I will put them to paper and screen, until then I have some more table top games to play and between them, some more Defiance to play.

Tomorrow is the 950th post Extravaganza. Break out the Extravaganza Frog!!


2 thoughts on “Summertime Mental Break

  1. I wondered…

    I am having a reading problem. I love to read, I read all.the.time, but right now… Meh. Nothing is holding my interest.

    I suppose it’s a natural stall, of sorts. But it’s frustrating when something you usually enjoy – something that comes easy to you – just sort of… Fizzles.


    1. Ankoku1331

      I totally relate to that. Reading-only a few books have kept my interest, and honestly the books I am “reading” are more reference nature, so I flip to what I want to read vs read a book. Hmmm…


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