Extravaganza Frog Time! Happy 950th Post

Extravaganza Frog
Happy 950th Post

Welcome to the 950th post for Speaking Out in Life. This is NOT my 950th post. I believe the grand total of posts for all of the blogs I have and had is right under 2,500. I told someone somewhere, “I write a lot. I may not write well, but I write a lot.” Wait, that doesn’t sound like me. I believe I said, “I am a profane writer. I meant prolific.” Maybe insert an expletive or two. The gist of the story is…

Thank you readers each and everyone of you

From the reader who passes by because they need to know the answer to an Animal Crossing: New Leaf question to the regular followers of the games, food, writing, and even daily “this is what happened posts,” I appreciate each and everyone of you.

Happyness and Thank yous taken care of what shall I write about?

Damned if I know.

my tableI know, this is a picture of our dinning room table. In the interest of full disclosure I  feel compelled to inform you that we do not have a dinning room. We have a large open space that arguably could be a hybrid dinning-living-kitchen annex-library-game room. Further, you should know that we rarely use the table for food purposes. In fact, the only time the table does get used for food is when we have company (very rarely), Thanksgiving (once a year), and when we make a lot of food (often, but not that often).

With a glance you can see what the table is used for, fun stuff. Follow along:

There is a large puzzle of a cat wearing a scuba mask. I enjoy building puzzles, usually during those downtimes like now. However, this is not my puzzle, this is our girl’s and Barb’s puzzle. Being cat fanatics they constructed the cat first. Being puzzle people, they put the border together.

I have no idea why the white glue is on the table. We do not glue our puzzles together anymore. We used to and when we did we used puzzle glue, which is simply a larger amount of white glue. The puzzle is on a puzzle mat, because our girl will get bored putting the puzzle together now that the cat is finished meaning the puzzle will need to be stored until she is ready to finish. The box for reference, but you knew that. 🙂

The gold Xbox 360 controller is mine. As in all mine. Barb’s is shiny blue with too much play in the right stick for me. The kids have a light up controller and a white controller, both are sticky even after a good cleaning and both have way to much playing in both joy sticks. I have no idea how they accomplish anything in video games. Mine is on the table because I am writing this, watching The Newsroom on HBO Go, and writing.

Which brings me to the first stack of books, 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Yes, we play Pathfinder Adventure Card Game a lot. But for role-playing in a fantasy setting the kids prefer Dungeons and Dragons. I haven’t figured out why yet, but I don’t mind. From my perspective the only difference between Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons is the amount of rules and level of detail in the rules.

The stack next to that is cookbooks I am actively using and reading, on top is Just Bento Cookbook. See the flags? I use those to mark the recipes I like, want to use, or use frequently. There are many flags in the three books; Just Bento, The Chinese Takeout Cookbook, and Effortless Bento. I have the day off in the kitchen so the books will stay there for the time being.

Off camera next to the cookbooks is a stack consisting of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and three notebooks.

And there you have an insight into…our messy table.

Happy 950th post and thank you for reading.


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