Random Rolling wRighting

I should be doing something. Didn’t I write that recently? Anyways, I feel I should be doing something. I know its summer and I know I am…no my brain has taken a break, yet I feel I should be doing something other than playing Defiance and marathoning as many series as I can on HBO Go and Netflix.

So I picked up some dice and rolled them.

That went well. The dice rolled across the floor.

Thankfully, I remembered there were a bunch of tables and charts in the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Dungeons Masters Guide. And that is where I applied the die rolls.

Now I am writing and rolling.

It is fun and interesting to take an idea that is randomly determined and go with it. After finishing the rolls and looking at the list, the task was to turn those random words and sentences into an adventure idea. The creative process was different. Instead of trying to maintain a stream of thought based around an idea I used the randomness.

Good example of Randomly rolled:

Goal: Clear a ruin so it can be rebuilt and reclaimed

Villain: Dragon

Allies: Raving Lunatic

Patron: Sage

I have been trying to come up with a first adventure that does not involve a typical dungeon crawl, bar fight, or anything to do with goblins or bandits. I have been stuck. The only thing I had, an idea of a city with a giant tower in the center.

Taking the goal “clear a ruin so it can be rebuilt and reclaimed” I decided that the city is built over the ruins of a previous city. To expand the city, a group has an idea to send groups of explorers and adventurers into the ruins beneath the city. There they will chase out any inhabitants and access the condition of the ruins.

The sage roll, turned into a liaison from a large guild house with a desire to expand their territory. This lead me to roll on tables for non-player characters. From there the liaison got a twitchy left eye, a love of darts and gambling on the dart games, and talks in a loud voice. With a rough sketch of the characters patron I moved on.

With the adventure taking place in ruins under a city, a collapse trapping the characters in a deeper layer of ruins. Trapped the characters need to find a way out, along the way they bump into a raving lunatic. I toned this down a bit, as raving and lunatic rarely make for a good ally. Rolling on more random charts the escaped prisoner of the dragon (see villain above) talks in rushed whispers and asks inappropriate personal questions at the wrong time.

I haven’t finished rolling or writing, but today was the most productive writing day I have had in a few weeks and all because of some dice rolling on the floor.



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