Scent of Poo

There are days when shit happens. Today has that scent of poo.

Woke up to rain. Nothing overly wrong there. Rain seemed to be a compliment to swimming lessons. Rain did not seem to be a compliment to discovering that our car had been hit overnight. Paint swap, white paint, and a cracked tail light. Still not the best of ways to start the day. I’d ask what kind of person hits a parked vehicle and drives off, but we live here in Ferris Housing and that is more common than not. That we only had paint exchanged after four years is a good thing. At least one person had their car totaled. Sad thing is that everyone we spoke too seems to have an idea of whom, not specifically whom, but whom in the form of any one of the white Ferris vans that whip in and out of here all of the time. Oh well.

Went to cook or bento, but nothing is thawed. Strange, especially in this house where vegetables go bad the day they are brought home and meat thaws within minutes, so it feels. Not today, even the hamburger to make a pound of taco meat for the kids to use for lunches I had in the fridge over night-solid as a rock. Looks like I will be cooking a lot tomorrow. A downside to not having any boxed meals, TV dinners, or food in a can is when your dinner plans go tits up-say due to none of the meat being thawed-there is not many “quick fix” options. Not that we mind, but there are days where being able to crack open a box of “pre-made” whatever would be…nice, I guess is the best word I can come up with.

Adding to the scent, back from their dentist appointment, our boy has to see an orthodontist. We feared this day was coming-bad teeth on both sides of the genetic soup-we hoped the kids would avoid the orthodontist. Alas, not our boy. He doesnt seem to be bothered by the news. Perhaps dentists and orthodontists have better reputations than when I was a kid, which boiled down to you went there to be put in pain.

There have been other minor things, such as technology not behaving and people, well being people. Again, nothing overly bad, but on the heels of car and food, just adds to the scent of poo.


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