Level-Grinding As A Teachable Skill?

We are all wiped from yesterday’s travel. Well travel, plus staying up to late…to late as defined by “normal” convention, then again what is that, given that my normal involves staying up late and getting up early. Probably a discussion saved for another time and another blog.

Honestly, I don’t have much to write about. I have not bentoed (past tense of bentoing, use it) today because I have bento leftover and plans to turn some of those left overs into cream cheese rolls provided I can find those green tortillas. They are probably at our local big box store, but we never know given that common items like lemons may be missing for two weeks in a row, but Buddha’s hand is in stock. I don’t know too many people here who use Buddha’s hand.

There was no gaming because A.) the third adventure deck has not arrived; B.) Barb and I have not picked our characters for a Rise of the Runelords game; C.) I have not finished the Dungeons and Dragons adventure yet, although I do have three set-piece encounters and a “What I hope happens general flow of things;” D.) I have been teaching the boy how to level grind in Destiny; E.) the girl has been grumpy, she stayed up too late and got up way too early; and F.) there is no F.

While flipping through characters in Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, the boy and I have been switching playing Destiny. Destiny for those who do not know is an online shooter/rpgish game by Bungie (makers of Halo). I did not like the game at first; to easy to die, to hard to get gear, etc. However after watching the boy play for a while I saw what worked and didn’t. Now I have a level 19 Hunter and he has a level 11 Warlock. And there is the difference-I have about half as much time in Destiny as he does, but I have a higher level character and am further along in the story. I only passed his story progress recently as I spent my time level grinding.

“Why are you playing that area again?” he would ask every time he caught me playing Destiny.

I learned a long time ago that an overleveled character is preferable to a leveled character and much better than an underleveled character. If getting an overleveled character involved hours of playing the same levels and killing the same enemies, then that is what I do. This runs counter to our boy. He moves from one mission to the next where is usually at the recommended level or one level above or below. He plays the mission, dying a lot, until finished and moves on. The whole time getting frustrated.

Today, I showed him the benefits of level grinding. In the space of three hours I went from one mission behind him to eight in front of him. Why, because with my overleveled character I was able to breeze through missions. Was that the uberbadguy who killed our boy’s character 15 times, bang dead, and I moved onto the next mission. Was level grinding fun? Not really, but I made it fun by using the systems within the game to speed up progress and give me a variety of activities to do.

What does our boy do after watching and listening to me? Story mission where he quit after dying 10 times. Now he is level grinding. Maybe level grinding is a teachable skill.

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