Today has been all about waiting.

Waiting for swim classes to start only to find out they were canceled due to the cold weather (yes you read that right, cold weather).

Waiting for UPS with my copy of William Shakespeare’s The Clone Army Attacketh by Ian Doescher. When UPS delivers someone waits, otherwise getting the delivery turns into a pain in the ass of waiting another day or going to the pickup facility. For those who don’t know about William Shakespeare’s Star Wars series by Ian Doescher, I highly recommend them. A faithful retelling of a well known tale with the occasional surprise tossed in. Anon R2, indeed.

Waiting for everyone to get ready to play Rise of the Runelords. Characters were chosen-Alchemist, Barbarian, Druid, and Monk. Decks were built and table ready for play. Unfortunately, not everyone has been in the mood to play. Thus, some of us wait and the game waits. Why Rise of the Runelords again? Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is an excellent game with great replayability. Each set introduces new characters and class decks even more, all of the characters are playable in any set. Further, Rise of the Runelords is an easier set to play for new players, in this case our girl. Finally, we are waiting for more Wrath. Thus while we wait, we play. 🙂

Waiting for food. I had a plan for “Everything Tastes of Chicken” day. The plan included chicken wings, chicken breast, and the last of our box/pre-packaged foods. I thought we had gotten rid of all of that stuff, but nope found one last cache and everything-noodles, stuffing, and something else. Make chicken and chicken flavored stuff and done. Then someone suggested flavored pancakes and bacon (regular ole’ bacon) for lunch. Which turned into…

Waiting for the bacon to thaw.

Waiting for the bacon to cook.

Waiting for the kids and Barb to finish whatever they were working on. This was a combination of movies-Barb got invested in Draft Day, a good film. Our girl watching either Monster High or Barbie Something Something in Pink and Song. Our boy level-grinding in Destiny and then cursing because his version of level-grinding did not meet expectations.

Waiting for flavored pancakes to finish. Pancakes should not take long unless you are making lemon-poppy seed, blueberry, chocolate, and confetti flavors. Oh, and having the kids “assist.” Our boy is in charge of mixing, but he thinks he knows best because he watched some Good Eats; he argues with Barb about the consistency of the batter. Our girl is in charge of cooking the pancakes, but she gets distracted by the cat or the steam or our boy or Barb…see where this is going. This leaves Barb attempting to cook around the kids who are “assisting.”





3 thoughts on “Waiting

    1. Ankoku1331

      I enjoy each of the books, Clone Wars Attacketh being the latest. He does alter a couple of characters giving them new aspects, while retaining their core-Jar Jar is a good example-he is still a fool, but he has asides where he reveals that he is only playing a fool. I recommend starting with Star Wars or episode IV. 🙂


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