A Return To Rise of the Runelords

If someone were to ask me which set of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game they should start with I would heartily recommend Rise of the Runelords. This happened after last night’s game where we restarted Rise of the Runelords between Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Deck releases. We wanted to play a game using some of the characters we did not use before and some of the new characters from the class decks. In addition, we (Barb, our boy, and I) were hoping that showing our girl that there are easier games of Pathfinder would bolster her flagging interest.

Normally, she likes playing games with us and wanted to play Pathfinder, but we had her watch and wait until her reading got better. Fast forward to now, she missed out on Skulls and Shackles because the story line did not hook us in. Wrath of the Righteous did and we got her to play her first game with us. That was a mistake as Wrath is a lot harder than Rise or Skulls. A lot harder. I’ve written about our ups and downs with Wrath. For our girl, it was a bit much and she was glad when the last scenario of Adventure Deck 2 was over.

The three of us wanted to get her to play again and decided up on Rise, she was not convinced. It took letting her know that she could play Lini with Droogami her snow leopard companion, she loves cats, to get her to try Rise of the Runelords. Our first game went great.

Because she played through Wrath of the Righteous she knew how to play better than we expected. She even chose her starting location, although her choice was the location with the lowest number of barriers. Barriers in Wrath are annoying to deadly; in Rise barriers are fun to annoying, but she did not believe us until the first couple were flipped over revealing treasure maps and chests, which were way more fun than fiendish trees and demons galore.

The Brigandoom scenario went smoothly, especially for her. Instead of every check being a life or death decision and having to horde blessings and other cards she got to play. She used her animal allies to explore and to buff her roles, she used her blessings for herself or to explore. The whole game she had a smile on her face, even when she flipped over a mercenary with only two cards in her hand. She, with a bit of assistance, beat the mercenary and did not have what we called “The Wrath smile.”

When the game was over she helped clean up and wanted to know when we would play again.

So, for people considering purchasing Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and do not know or are unsure of what to purchase first:

First, Rise of the Runelords

Second, if you enjoyed the base set pick up the Adventure Decks for Rise of the Runelords

Third, character decks-these add additional characters and cards to use for another play through of Rise of the Runelords (each Base Set is good for multiple play thrus) or other sets

After that, the choice depends on if you want an increase in difficulty, Pirates was a mild bump and Wrath is a large bump in difficulty. Character mats and figures are totally optional.


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