“Everything Tastes Like Chicken”

“This tastes,” our boy’s finger went to his chin as he tried to think of the word, “nothing. This tastes of nothing.”

“Kinda taste like ramen,” our girl says cheerfully.

Last night was “Everything Tastes Like Chicken” dinner. And it was the worst food I have ever served my family in ten-years. And I did it on purpose. The more I learn how to cook and the more I cook the more I have been reducing and removing pre-made food from the kitchen. First was frozen dinners and frozen food. I still have bags of frozen peas and corn for fried rice and some other dishes, but TV dinners and frozen meals in a box are gone. Then came boxed and bagged pre-made things like noodles and stuffing and “just add X meat” things.

I thought all of those things were gone until we found a bag of “chicken flavored” noodles and “chicken flavored” stuffing. What to do? What to do? I know! Make them for the family to see if they notice the difference between home cooked food and “chicken flavored” food. Real chicken was added to the noodles and carrots, not “carrot flavored,” were cooked to have something healthy to eat.

“What is that?” our boy asked pointing at the stuffing.

“Its like turkey day stuffing,” our girl volunteered.

“This tastes like chicken,” Barb said.

Two mouthfuls later.

“No it doesn’t,” from both of them.

It was the worst meal ever and the best lesson on what they could be eating every day verse what they can eat. By the end of the meal they were asking for food from the fridge. It was a delicious lesson, pardon the pun. 🙂

I have already had requests for home made food. Tack that onto a request from our girl to play Rise of the Runelords and things are looking better.


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