Button Pushing Day

Barb is attempting to fit slices of butter into slices of potato, this is the funniest thing I have seen all day and today I needed a laugh. If you have children then you know from time to time they do something that pushes all of your buttons at one time and then sit back and wonder why you lost your shit. I know mine do. Thankfully these instances of button pushing have been further and further apart. Today, was not one of those days.

It took me a month to pack up several totes of toys. I packed the toys up because they were not playing with them and because in a short time we will be moving. I do not want to be packing up toys at the last minute, moves are a pain in the ass enough as is, but moving out of here will be even more of a pain in the ass. Unlike regular moves where you know where you will be going and know when your contract ends, here we do not know where we will be moving, yet, and our contract ends when winter semester ends. This means our kids may still be in school themselves. See why I want to get some pre-packing done?

With the toys packed up their room was clean. I was noticing this slow and steady build up of toys and stuff, but couldn’t figure where it was coming from. Today I found out when I caught one of them coming out of the closet where the totes were stored with an armload of toys. The other poked her head out of the closet much higher up than her height; she had climbed onto the totes to take toys from a tote higher up.

Upon investigation, most of the totes were half-or-more empty. The toys, those not on the floor were stuffed under their beds. Which is exactly why I packed them up in the first place. Of course the usual excuses and reasons poured forth:

“I don’t know.”

[blank stare]

the shrug

“He or she did it.”

Suffice to say, the children are grounded and cleaning up the problem. Me…I gonna watch Barb work with butter and check on my roast.


4 thoughts on “Button Pushing Day

  1. What is your preference for moving? Apartment? House? Move to another city but drive the kids to school? Or…?

    It probably feels good to be almost done with school, but I also know from my own experiences that it’s a time that’s rife with upheaval.

    And you know what I’m thinking of? Your BED. (Heh. And the imagination runs wild… 😉 ) That bed that Barb constructed looks like a sturdy mofo, but dayum, that’ll be a trick to move!

    1. Ankoku1331

      Preference would be house in another city, after the kids finish the grade they are entering. It feels great to be closing on the end of this…whatever label I choose to apply based on my mood experience. The bed comes apart and needs to be taken apart to be reinforced. 🙂 So that will happen as it should and then be built stronger. 😀

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