Hot Writing

It’s hot out. Damn hot. And walking around town is equally not. Not surprising, in any store we stopped in there were long lines. I assume the long lines were because the end of the world is soon, why else would that many people be at a Dollar Store, or the definition of obese has been revised upwards, why else would that many people be in line at McDonalds, or the more rational explanation is that all of the places we stopped in have air conditioning. Although, there is a certain something to the thought of being obese at the end of the world.

That was the weather and an exercise update and store update. 🙂

The children are fixing the problem from yesterday by cleaning up the mess. Are they as motivated as I would like, no, but they have made progress and demonstrated that they understand that they did wrong. Well one of them has, I found this on our bed when I went to go to sleep last night:

11753836_952345968140859_1346141048_n (2)Translation: I love you and won’t do it again.

I believe the love part, but the won’t do it again is dubious, but I appreciated the thought and effort.

In non-apology, end of the world, and heat news, I have started writing again. The Random Roll wRiting adventure for Dungeons and Dragons has been ongoing, but slow and halting. The adventure part has been smooth. The stat block and background material not so much. It is easy to set up a plot board for action and what villains will do, but writing out stat blocks is boring. No two ways about it, stat blocks are boring and writing them out is like doing pages of math homework. Sure you need to do the work and the numbers need to add up, but writing them out is boring. Background material is not boring, but requires thought and does involve some planning. Sure I could write up any old background, but what if I want to use that background material later, then I should put some thought into it. Thus the slow progress.

If that is going slow then what am I writing? Erotica. A friend asked for some erotica for her birthday and gave me the only details I ever ask for: who, where, and what. Then I write. It’s like making a meal for someone, you take the ingredients and sculpt them for that person. I like personal gifts like that, has more meaning and connection than something bought at the store-not that I mind those gifts either. And when you do it wRight, you know. Her birthday is a few days away, but the stuff I have sent her has been appreciated.

Since working on that other writing has flowed onto paper and screen. Nothing noteworthy beyond picking up projects where I left them a month or so ago, but the writing process has started up again and it feels good.


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