Rain, True Blood Questions, and Reading Dungeons & Dragons

A good thunderstorm rolled through last night, knocking the humidity down, and providing us with some much needed Mother Nature entertainment. Left behind, clouds, cooler temperatures, rain, and that blah “don’t feel like doing anything” that comes with some rainy weather.

Because we are eating up the last of the leftovers I don’t have any cooking to share, but soon enough Barb will be starting a new rotation and that means BENTOING. As a plus for me, the kids want to take Bento Boxes to school with them. This gives me two more people to taste the food and get me to bento new dishes. I am looking forward to that. If nothing else I get to make tamagoyaki with nori for our girl. 🙂

While wrapping up our True Blood* marathon I read the Princes of the Apocalypse, the second or third (depends on how you count the Tyranny of Dragons books) adventure for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. I played through and owned the Temple of Elemental Evil when it was new. I do not have fond memories of the adventure. It was different, especially at that time, when most adventures were go here, then here, kill this, bring back that, and repeat. Unlike other classic modules and adventures the Temple of Elemental Evil never struck the right chord with me. Against the Giants or White Plume Mountain or Keep on the Borderland appealed to me back then and in some ways still do.

My not so fond memories of the Princes of the Apocalypse’s forbearer set aside, I am enjoying this book more than either of the Tyranny of Dragons books. Tyranny of Dragons did not feel cohesive; instead of one story arc, it felt like a series of set-piece encounters with a rough framework of a backstory to tie everything together. However, you had to know something about the history of the main Dungeons and Dragons setting to fully appreciate the backstory and players in the adventure. I am not that familiar, thus many of the protagonists lacked details I would have liked to know. Princes of the Apocalypse, feels deeper then Tyranny of Dragons. The adversaries have identities and goals that make sense. Further, make the various groups are unique when compared to each other or those in Tyranny of Dragons. I have a way to go, but I am enjoying Princes of the Apocalypse.

I wish I had more gaming to write about, but the children are working on fixing their mistake. This fix is slow going, but showing more progress than expected. Still with them work-grounded table-top gaming has stopped. As much as Barb and I want to get back to our Rise of the Runelords family game we are not rewarding their bad behavior. Hopefully, the children continue fixing their mistake and in a few days can play games again.

*True Blood-Barb and I had couple of questions, but neither of us plan on reading the books, maybe one of you can answer them:

Why do the vampire fangs make an audible noise when retracting or flash them?

How did the werewolves survive? If they are the mortal enemies of vampires and they are so weak in comparison why are there werewolves at all?

Are other were-species as dumb as the were-panthers?

We have more, but those are foremost on our mind. 🙂


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