To Hot To Fry, But I Am Frying

I’m sitting in front of an open window with a fan blowing over me and I am sweating. Part of the sweat is from the three pounds of chicken thigh I deboned and cut up to make General Tso’ Chicken and Orange Chicken, the other part of the sweat is because it is hot and worse than hot, humid.

So please forgive me if I don’t have much to write today. Everyone is doing their best to find a place to be comfortable and do what they do. For the kids that is play. For Barb that is continue to crochet. For me that has been reading and thinking I was going to cook. What was I thinking? Standing in the kitchen where there is no air flow…there is if I open the window, but the window is positioned so the air flow blows on the burners, blowing them out most of the time. Hardly how I want to go out, in a gas explosion. So I prep in a sweat box.

Why General Tso’ Chicken, because last night we watched the Search for General Tso on Netflix. Adorable. Adorable and informative. With spoiling to much, a film crew goes on a search to find out who General Tso was and along the way they learn much about Chinese Food and America. If you have even a passing interest in Chinese Food I recommend this documentary/movie.

When night falls, I will fry chicken and we will eat General Tso’ Chicken and some Orange Chicken (that is for the kids…fine and me.)


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