The Thawing Process

Is there some sort of multiplicative non-thawing effect? A condition where one pound of meat thaws in X time and two or more pounds of meat thaws in X + Z time. I ask because if I take one pound of hamburger out of the freezer in the morning, by now I have made something out of that hamburger. However, if I take out two pounds of…let us say hamburger and pork, neither are thawed at this time and neither look to be thawed anytime soon. Is it possible that two pounds of different meat create a cold spot or zone that retards the natural thawing process? I wonder.

What was I going to do with the meat? Beyond the obvious, cook it, I was going to make a pound and a half of taco meat and a half-pound of dan dan for me. The taco meat will be good for a dinner or two, plus throughout the week when the kids want to make cheesy roll-ups for themselves. For those not in the know or who want a quick snack a cheesy roll-up is a tortilla covered in cheese (add taco meat if you want); place flat in a microwave for 30 to 40 seconds; remove-roll up-eat. The kids make cheesy roll-ups at least once a week.

The dan dan is good for me all week, every time I want noodles or a spicy fix. Now if I can find some fruit and vegetable dishes that everyone will eat reliably. Over the past few months I have made a bunch of fruit and vegetable dishes…

  1. smashed potatoes with parmesan cheese and curry, everyone loves these, but not in large quantities
  2. cabbage and cucumber salad, takes work to get it eaten
  3. fried sweet potato in sugar glaze, I love them and the kids will eat them when put on their plate
  4. teriyaki glazed Brussels sprouts, our girl loves them, but tend to get overlooked otherwise
  5. peppers in sweet oil with sesame seeds, I love them
  6. broccoli with sesame seeds, nobody liked them-blanched broccoli nobody can get enough of
  7. cauliflower with curry, in small batches, good to go, in large batches just as bad as blanched cauliflower-nobody ate it
  8. beets in a mustard sauce, sauce was great, beets were not
  9. beets in a sweet glaze, beets were good, glaze was not
  10. white wine marinated oranges, hit or miss
  11. cabbage, radish, and red onion slaw, I loved it
  12. pickled radishes, just me
  13. Sichuan cucumbers, just me
  14. picked cucumbers, just me
  15. carrots in brown sugar, hit or miss
  16. bananas in sugar and cinnamon, everyone loves the first day, after that not so much
  17. carrots in honey glaze, hit or miss
  18. fried green onions, just me
  19. browned onions, just me unless in onion soup

On the plus side, everyone is trying a little bit of everything that comes out of the kitchen, a vast improvement over years past. On the down side, it is so hit or miss who will like what that it gets slightly depressing at time-I never know how this new dish will be received.




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